Château de Villemajou: spearhead of the Boutenac appellation

Château de Villemajou : fer de lance de l'appellation Boutenac

Boutenac: A terroir with a unique character

Bertrand family estate since 1970, the Château de Villemajou evokes in itself the transmission of know-how and the extension of traditions. It is here that Gérard Bertrand, accompanied by his father, Georges, learned from an early age the art of producing a great wine.

Located in an arid climate, the Villemajou estate is fortunate to have rich and atypical soil allowing the vines to take root deeply, an ideal condition for them to flourish in a sometimes harsh Mediterranean climate (summer drought, storms, winds, etc.).

The vineyard, which has seen several generations of winegrowers pass by, is home to a treasure: century-old vines of Carignan, the emblematic grape variety of Languedoc.

In red or white, each vintage of Château de Villemajou delivers a unique density and velvety texture, brilliantly expressing all the power and elegance of its terroir.


Château de Villemajou Great Red Wine

Timeless, the Domaine de Villemajou red is a wine unlike any other. The very old vines of Carignan, blended with Grenache and Mourvèdre, give this wine a unique character. With a complex nose, a mixture of fruits, spices and leather, the mouth is ample and round, the tannins coated. This generous and elegant wine has very good aging potential.


Château de Villemajou Great White Wine

From the best vines of the property, the Grand Vin Blanc Château de Villemajou is blended from vines of white and gray Grenache, Roussanne, Marsanne and Vermentino, then aged in oak barrels for 8 month. Labeled AB (organic) and Demeter (biodynamic), its brilliant gold color reveals a deep and expressive nose. The palate is velvety and brioche-like, with a very nice freshness on the finish.



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