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Disposable chemical breathalyzer 0.5g

  • Disposable chemical breathalyzer without balloon.
  • Chemical reagent test that indicates if the blower has a blood alcohol level above the authorized threshold for a confirmed driver, which is 0.5g of alcohol per liter of blood, i.e. 0.25mg/l of exhaled air.
  • Easy to decipher breathalyzer, if the chemical reaction turns blue/green, then the blower is positive.
  • Does not indicate the precise measurement of the blower's blood alcohol content.
  • Prevention device in the context of road safety.
  • Best before date: 20 to 24 months.
  • Storage temperature:-20°c to 70°c.
  • Operating temperature: 10°c to 40°c.
  • Disposable breathalyser meeting the NFX 20702 standard packaged in an individual bag.

Sold individually

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