Vintage 2020: trends and prospects in Domaines and Châteaux Gérard Bertrand

Millésime 2020 : tendances et perspectives dans les Domaines et Châteaux Gérard Bertrand

The 2020 harvest has started well on our estates, the most advanced and without a doubt the Domaine de l'Aigle in Limoux where the harvest began at the end of August (27/8) by the harvest of the first early Pinots and ended last Saturday. The point of vigilance for this vintage was first of all focused on the whites where we had a precise monitoring of the maturities to preserve the acidity and the good balance of these wines.

For the whites, the abundant spring rainfall and the showers during the summer resulted in juicy berries and very clear and aromatic juices. The first reds present strong colors and very concentrated musts. Vigilance is focused on the very high extractability of the tannins this year. Thus, the macerations are shorter and the extractions very gentle (slight pumping over, no over-extraction).

Harvesting at just the right maturity makes it possible to have elegant wines without looking for over-extraction, particularly of drying tannins. The weather accompanies us for the moment with the absence of rain which allows us to establish a harvest schedule without rushing. The first Syrahs have just been harvested on La Clape with already very pronounced notes of scrubland, the vast majority of Syrahs should be harvested from the weekend or even next week on our other Mediterranean terroirs (Boutenac, La Livinière, Terrasse du Larzac and Cabrières).

The dew harvest is underway; and novelty of the year, where all the estates are equipped with refrigerated containers as well as crates allowing us to press fresh grapes to preserve all the aromatics of the grapes and obtain our pale rosés which are the trend for these wines . The first juices are sung (especially at Clos du Temple where the last plots will be harvested tomorrow) and look very promising.

At Cigalus, the Chardonnay and Sauvignon whites are slowly finishing their co-fermentation in barrels and slowly completing the fermentation of the sugars. The colors are bright, the wines lively and clean have excellent aging potential and are already very pleasant to taste. The next 6 months in barrels will allow the full expression of the aromatic potential of these very great wines. The Mediterranean whites (Viognier, Grenache Blanc, Roussanne / Marsanne…) are being picked up. Despite the current health context, all the teams of pickers are complete and are happy to participate in the culmination of this new vintage, the fruit of a whole year of precise work in the vineyard.
A good harvest in prospect
The harvest volumes will be close to the previous year, in line with our quality objectives.
The sanitary condition in the vineyard is very good. However, you will have to be vigilant depending on the weather to come.
The quality indicators (precociousness; leaf area/burden ratio; chemical composition and taste of the berries; sanitary condition) augur well for an exceptional vintage.


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