The Domaine de l'Aigle, at the crossroads of terroirs and climates

Le Domaine de l’Aigle, à la croisée des terroirs et des climats

Nestled on a mountainside in the Pre-Pyrenees, the Domaine de l'Aigle is revealed in all its splendor at the end of a path, along the Causse stream. Bathed in the mild Indian summer sun of Roquetaillade, whose castle appears on the heights, the 51 hectares of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer welcome the 2021 harvest.

Welcoming the future, bunch by bunch… Harvesting at the Domaine de l’Aigle is entirely done by hand, as explained by Thibault Haentjens, manager of the Domaine de l’Aigle for more than 10 years. And on these lands of the Haute Vallée de l'Aude, to speak of the harshness of the harvest is an understatement. Culminating at almost 500 meters above sea level, the plots were planted along the slopes of the Cirque de Roquetaillade and it is therefore steep rows that the thirty pickers of the Domaine de l'Aigle survey every day.

Grape varieties of Burgundy tradition

At the foot of the Roquetaillade cliff, the cellar receives the first bunches from the Chardonnay plots. They will give the next vintage of Aigle Royal Chardonnay, a wine of intense freshness that will be pressed, decanted, fermented in vats and aged in oak barrels.
Higher up, the parcels of Aigle Royal Pinot Noir are also reaching maturity. The estate hosted the first Pinot Noir vines planted in the Haute Vallée by pioneering winegrowers in 1981.

This variety, generally representative of Burgundy, today forms a unique diversity of plots. For Thibault, this singularity makes the blend exceptional: “Here, instead of blending grape varieties, we blend plots. Our pinots at the end of aging are very different from each other. A bit like tasting distinct grape varieties. Our diversity is phenomenal for a single-varietal vineyard. »

A unique microclimate rich in biodiversity

Oceanic, Mediterranean and mountainous, the Domaine de l'Aigle is located at the crossroads of three climates. This privileged position results in lush vegetation on the northwest slope offset by drier Mediterranean scrub to the south. The clay-limestone soil is more resistant to water stress and gives fine and complex wines at the same time.
The Domaine de l'Aigle welcomes life in all its dimensions. Fauna, flora and soil. And biodynamics makes it possible to express this singular vitality in wine. The Domaine de l'Aigle Pinot Noir received the Gold Medal at the Prix Plaisir 2019 and 2020 from the Bettane & Desseauve guide.

To follow the harvest domain by domain:


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