Welcoming the future to Cigalus… from cluster to cluster

Accueillir l’avenir à Cigalus… de grappe en grappe

The optimal maturity of the grapes from the Chardonnay plots of the Domaine de Cigalus, at the gateway to the Corbières, kicks off the 2021 harvest for all of Gérard Bertrand's vineyards. Associated during the blend with Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc, these grapes with high qualitative potential will give, during the summer of 2022, the 2021 vintage of Cigalus Blanc, IGP Aude Hauterive.
In a few weeks, the harvest will begin on the plots of red grape varieties used in the blend of Cigalus rouge.

Every morning, Bertrand Boileau, manager of Cigalus, visits the 75 hectares of the estate to determine the optimum time to harvest each plot. The tasting of the grapes, corroborated by the analyses, is decisive in defining the date of the harvest.

From one terroir to another

At Cigalus, the Mediterranean climate, warm and sunny, allows advanced ripening of the grape varieties. The soil of Fontfroide, "cold springs", a combination of sandstone, sand with draining properties and clay has an exceptional water retention capacity. To these essential elements of the terroir is added the third phenomenon, that of the winegrower. Gérard Bertrand began his journey of experimentation from biodynamics to viticulture at the Cigalus estate in 2002. The Demeter certification (Biodynamic Agriculture) in 2010 added to the AB certification (Organic Agriculture) will mark the total conversion of the domain.

From grapes to wine

Once harvested by hand by Bertrand Boileau's team of grape pickers, the grapes are welcomed into the cellar by Laurent Monerris, cellar master. After two hours of pneumatic pressing and light settling, part of the juice enters new barrels, the other in vats for alcoholic fermentation. Once the malolactic fermentation is complete, the descent into oak barrels will mark the start of ageing, with regular stirring, which will last until the spring equinox 2022.

The Cigalus Blanc reveals all the essence of its Mediterranean terroir coupled with the excellence and consistency of the accompaniment of biodynamic grape varieties. The 2021 vintage will be the result of the precise work of a close-knit and passionate team.

To follow our harvest, domain after domain:


COMBES Roger December 8 2021

Magnifique terroir qui ne peut offrir que le meilleur car enfin la culture raisonnée dans ce territoire des Corbières révèle toute sa richesse de saveur que les ceps transmettent au vin et donc à nos papilles.

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