The discovery of the best rosé wine in the world

The best rosé wine in the world is French, and Languedoc!

In France, rosé wines are numerous, and are enjoying growing success.

If finding a quality rosé wine can be complicated, the simplest is surely to aim for the best in the field.

Elected best rosé wine in the world in 2020 by the Global Rosé Masters of the Drinks Business, Clos du Temple is an exceptional rosé wine bordering perfection!

From a remarkable terroir on the slopes of Cabrières, this biodynamic wine has received extraordinary attention, from the cultivation of the vine respectful of the environment to the aging in barrels for several months , through precise and meticulous vinification, giving this rosé wine a unique tasting pleasure.

Its creator, Gérard Bertrand, is a producer of quality rosé wines from wine estates in Languedoc-Roussillon and a true ambassador of the Mediterranean art of living. Gérard Bertrand succeeded in just a few years in raising the status of rosé wines to that of world-renowned great wines.

Discover a selection of the best rosé wines Gérard Bertrand.

The flavors of the best rosé wines

Alcoholic drink typical of the Mediterranean and the south of France, rosé wine is by nature, thanks to its light acidity and natural freshness, a summer drink par excellence.

For the best rosés, such as the organic and biodynamic rosé wine Gérard Bertrand Château la Sauvageonne “La Villa”, the flavors are tender and delicate, all in finesse, with an important place left to fruits (citrus fruits, red fruits, black fruits, exotic fruits).

The scents, light and refined, are floral, with possible hints of spices such as vanilla or cinnamon.

A quality rosé wine also offers a personality specific to its terroir, whether it is the grape variety of its vines, the composition of the soil and the climate present in its vineyard.

The best rosé wines are also pleasing to the eyes. Each color of a rosé wine is unique, ranging from extremely pale pink to brilliant salmon pink.

Of course, the best rosé wines come from high quality vines, the grape varieties are carefully selected and are perfectly adapted to their terroir.

Finally, the know-how of the winemaker and the oenologist makes all the difference in the production of a great rosé wine.

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