The selection of the best orange wine

Best orange wine: back to the origins, let's discover it

You may have already heard of orange wine… A wine completely distinct from other traditional types of wine, which are red wine, white wine and rosé wine.

Orange wine, also called “white maceration wine” is one of the oldest types of wine. Indeed, orange wine was already produced in antiquity.

The method of vinification of an orange wine consists of producing a wine from white grapes, while using the methods of vinification of a red wine.

This hybrid design allows orange wines to offer atypical flavors, totally new for a classic wine lover.

Tannic like a red wine, with the freshness of a white wine, its unique taste leaves no one indifferent.

Fruity, bitter, acid… its flavors are surprisingly complex.

As pleasant to taste as an aperitif or throughout the meal, orange wines amply deserve the interest and enthusiasm aroused.

Learn more about orange wine and its origins.

What is the best orange wine?

Although orange wines have recently come back into fashion, the choice is still limited and we are still far from the offer proposed for red wines, white wines or rosé wines.

However, some vintages stand out and brilliantly highlight the natural qualities of a macerated white wine, while offering a character specific to its terroir.

So, how do you choose to find the best French orange wine?

Languedoc-Roussillon, Jura and Alsace are among the regions with excellent wine estates producing good orange wine of quality.

For the Languedoc-Roussillon region, we should mention in particular the Orange Gold cuvée from the Gérard Bertrand estates, a delicate orange wine with a golden robe highlighting the terroir of the south of the France. Pleasant and easy to drink, Orange Gold offers a new profile of orange wine, with a predominant freshness. Discover Orange Gold Gérard Bertrand organic wine or discover all of our orange wines .

In Alsace, some vineyards make excellent orange wines, produced from 100% Gewurztraminer grapes, such as the Qvevri cuvée from Domaine Bannwarth, produced using ancestral winemaking techniques.

We will end with the Jura, a region producing quality orange wines (not to be confused with the yellow wine of the Jura, a wine specially produced in the Doubienne region) we find for example the Tissot estate, producing an organic orange wine and biodynamic.

A selection of the best orange wines

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