RED FRIDAY: Christmas is fast approaching!

Red Friday Blackfriday coffret vin rouge gérard bertrand

Artwork by Samuel Martinez @samartnz_

As part of Red Friday, a day during which we honor the red wines of the Gérard Bertrand estates, take advantage of the free delivery costs on our online store.

You will find a wide variety of premium Languedoc-Roussillon wines to offer or to serve during the end-of-year celebrations, exceptional bottles, to be enjoyed now or kept for several years.

Gift idea: great red wine selection box

This box includes a selection of three of the best red wines from the Gérard Bertrand estates.

Castle of Villemajou, AOP Corbière Boutenac

Located in the hinterland of the Corbières, the vineyard has exceptional soil quality. From the best vines of the estate, the Grand Vin de Villemajou is an exceptional wine produced from old vines of Carignan and Syrah offering an extraordinary quality of grapes.

With a deep garnet colour, this powerful and elegant wine is the ideal accompaniment to red meats, game or aged cheeses.

Château de la Soujeole, AOP Malepère

Located on a vineyard enjoying a Mediterranean climate with strong oceanic influences, Château de la Soujeole is a concentrated wine with complex flavors and well-integrated powerful tannins.

It will particularly accompany grilled meats or meats in sauce.

Château la Sauvageonne, AOP Terrasses du Larzac

Benefiting from a unique terroir and ideal exposure for the vines, Château la Sauvageonne is an exceptional place.

From the best vines of the property, this intense and slightly brick wine presents fine and elegant tannins for a nice balance.

It will go particularly well with grilled red meat and goat's or sheep's cheese.


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