Yann Arthus-Bertrand is a French photographer, reporter, director and ecologist.
His book "La Terre vue du ciel" (1994), from which a documentary was made in 2004, is a worldwide bestseller.

Gérard Bertrand: Hello everyone and welcome to this sixth live Wine Food & Music today at Château L'Hospitalet, today is biodiversity day and we have a guest of honor our friend Yann Arthus Bertrand, how are you Yann?
Yann Arthus Bertrand: Hello everyone, thank you for the invitation, I'm delighted to speak at the top of my tree.
Gérard Bertrand: So yes, I saw that you were in a cabin so you are at home at 15 meters above sea level?
Yann Arthus Bertrand: It's the only place in my house where 4G goes. I have a really bad internet connection so I'm glad to be here.
Gérard Bertrand: I'm going to introduce you to our friends, so Chef Laurent Chabert, what did you do to us today Chef?
Chef Laurent Chabert: I prepared the first tomatoes from the garden with some flowers, then we're going to make a vegetarian burger with eggplant and tomatoes with a little radish and beetroot salad and I I made an onion and pink curry sauce and another aubergine with black curry. And afterwards, for dessert, a small pot of chocolate cream, avocado and a crumble.
Gérard Bertrand: There you go, so it's a 100% vegetarian menu for you Yann because I know you've become a vegetarian.
Yann Arthus Bertrand: You're not a vegetarian Gérard?
Gérard Bertrand: I eat meat once a week, with everything I do I need a little, I reduced and I eat once a week, my wife has been a vegetarian for a long time so at home is all vegetables. I see you have bread in front of you, are you baking bread too?
Yann Arthus Bertrand: This is the bread I made this morning and I was quite amazed to see how easy it is to make bread, it's a real incredible pleasure to elsewhere I must say that during my confinement I learned to cook that I cooked every day for my grandchildren as my children were there at school they did not have time to cook, so I have with the application on the internet, I cooked I loved doing that.
Gérard Bertrand: So today we have changed the pace of the show a bit, dear friends, since we have brought the musicians to the kitchen and therefore we are pleased to welcome our opinion Dominique Rieux, who is also the man who has been programming the jazz festival for 17 years and Jean-Michel Cabrol the king of sax, so hello gentlemen, how are you?
Dominique Rieux & Jean-Michel Cabrol : It's going very well!
Gérard Bertrand: Can you welcome us to some music?
Dominique Rieux & Jean-Michel Cabrol : With Pleasure!
Gérard Bertrand: This will inspire the Chef!
Live Music
Gérard Bertrand: Bravo!
Yann Arthus Bertrand: Thank you very much!
Gérard Bertrand: We keep trying to innovate as the Chef is officially still closed since he only opens the restaurant on June 2, I recommend you come to have a good time.So Dominique is from Carcassonne and Jean-Michel is from Gruissan, in fact they tour all over the world where they tour with a lot of famous artists they toured Michel Leeb etc. And I told the Chef, I have to you cook to music. So Yann, this symbolizes for you this special day of biodiversity since you are very committed I saw that you had intervened by saying that it was really an emergency, do you have a special message today?
Yann Arthus Bertrand: You know, I feel like we've been harping on the same things for so many years, so many years, you know the WWF estimates that we've lost 60% of life in 40 years, imagine that it's unimaginable so that's not what to say besides the Covid, we can talk about biodiversity because if it really happened with the pangolin, the Chinese opens a huge breach of responsibility. I'm going to be very hard and violent and rude but the Chinese have been pissing me off for thirty years, rhino horn, shark fins, elephant ivory even though they signed international treaties, they don't do not respect in Chinese markets you have a lot of animals that are on the IUCN red list so here I think that in Africa it is difficult to prevent poaching because there are these two watched from corruption but in China we could have lost something much more radical must to prohibit they will do it now but I am quite angry.
Gérard Bertrand: They are having problems with swine fever, you know that they have lost 30 or 40% of their livestock which is the basis of their food. Don't you still think that we have a global problem, it's that I believe that if we don't reduce the consumption of animal proteins by 30%, we won't get there because demographics had 8 billion inhabitants, we even have worries.
Yann Arthus Bertrand: First of all, you know, since I was born, we multiplied the population of the world by 4, it's crazy, when I was there were 2 billion and now we're close to 8 billion. The consumption of meat is multiplied by eight and the consumption of fish by eight and that's the factory farms that's the energy has changed the world and we have to be really careful about that. It is estimated that, today the gas, the figures are questionable according to between Llifehouse the American NGOs but very serious they believe that the gas industrial farms
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