Valentine's Day: This cuvée will enhance your evening

Saint-Valentin : Cette cuvée va sublimer votre soirée

Code Rouge: a chic and refined sparkling wine to tell him I love you

More original than champagne while being just as elegant, Code Rouge is a Crémant de Limoux AOP that will surprise you with its freshness and finesse.

Ideal for distilling your love during the evening, the fine bubbles of this voluptuous wine will perfectly accompany your evening, for a successful Valentine's Day.

Its red bottle arouses passion in an unequivocal way.

Special Valentine's Day menu idea

This fresh and mineral sparkling wine can be served at any time of the evening, from aperitif to dessert.

As a starter, the Code Rouge goes perfectly with a seafood ceviche (langoustines, scallops, etc.).

As a main course, you can continue with a seafood product, such as a Mediterranean-style fish papillote.

For dessert, a fresh seasonal fruit salad for a refreshing end to the meal.


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