Let's celebrate International Pinot Noir Day together!

Célébrons ensemble la Journée internationale du Pinot Noir !

Pinot Noir, one of the most popular grape varieties in the world, and it's no wonder because in its soul hides aromas of red fruits, flowers and spices that are accentuated by a long finish and elegant when
the respectful winemaker reveals his true nature.

Gérard Bertrand looked up in the sky and found the oldest Pinot Noir in Occitanie in the Upper Aude Valley overlooking the village of Roquetaillade and scanning the horizon like the Cathar citadels.

On an altitude terroir where the freshness of the climate gives wings to the wines reveals the vintage Domaine de l'Aigle Pinot Noir 2017; tender, fruity and finely spiced & L'Aigle RoyalPinot Noir 2017; bewitching, pure and seductive.
These two cuvées have been grown biodynamically since 2014.

Best enjoyed at 12-14°C with grilled red meats, roast poultry, grilled fish or fish in sauce and aged cheeses.


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