2020: an exceptional vintage for rosés

2020 : un millésime exceptionnel pour les rosés

The year 2020 will remain memorable for Gérard Bertrand rosé wines

The succession of a mild winter, a rainy spring and a dry, hot summer created extraordinary conditions for the vines.

For this low yield year, the rosés are of extraordinary quality.

With a concern for excellence, we wanted to develop the full potential of our wines, seeking the perfect balance between freshness, elegant tannins and full aromatic expression.

Source of Joy

This rosé labeled “AB” and “Vegan” is an invitation to a return to naturalness.

From a terroir particularly suited to rosé wine, this cuvée has complex aromas of fruit and a perfect balance between roundness and natural acidity.

The brilliant pink color is enhanced by its elegant bottle and glass stopper.


Gray White

This wine made from 100% Grenache grapes develops a lovely freshness.

Light and fruity, this pale pink wine comes from vines in the Tautavel region, enjoying a dry and sunny climate.

The particular flavor of Gris Blanc lends itself to all your moments, from the occasional drink, to meals, all year round. Its shades embody conviviality and harmony among all.


Prima Nature Grenache Rosé

This delicate wine has a triple label, “AB”, “Vegan” and “No added sulphites”.

Designed with the greatest respect for the environment, Prima Nature has benefited from all the expertise of our oenologists in the design of a wine without added sulphites.

This cuvée offers in return pure and fresh flavors, delivering intense notes of fruit.


Gold & Pink Azure

This organic rosé comes from Grenache and Cinsault vines, two grape varieties that took full advantage of the exceptional weather conditions of 2020.

Labellized “Bee Friendly”, this nature-friendly wine comes from vines managed in perfect cohabitation with bees and other pollinators.

The mouth of this wine is fresh and has a nice acidity. On the nose, its floral notes of rose and citrus challenge.



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