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château l'hospitalet rouge la clape

Château L'Hospitalet Grand Vin red

Located on the coast, Château de l’Hospitalet looks down on the Mediterranean from aheight of a hundred metres. Having a semi-arid Mediterranean climatewith mild winters, the vineyard enjoys exceptional climatic conditions: the quantity of sunshine and the heat stored during the day by the limestone and released to the grapes at night, and the effect of the Mediterranean which reduces temperature differences and the altitude which counteracts the summer heat. Two types of soil contribute to the generosity, aromatic complexity and livelinessand freshness of this cuvée: the Gargasian marl-limestone at the foot of the cliff isrich in fossils and provides water to the vine stocks all through summer in spite of the absence of summer rain; and the red Mediterranean soil from the Barremian period, formed on compact grey-blue limestone and reclaimedfrom the garrigue, enables the production of rich and concentrated wines. The grapes are cultivated using sustainable methods that respect the Terra Vitis procedure, guaranteeing the traceability of growing practices which are verified by an independent body.




Grape Varieties

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Vinification and aging

The start of picking all depends on the ripeness checks on the grapes, on the analysis of the polyphenols in their skins and on their daily tasting as the date of the harvest approaches. The picking of ripe, healthy grapes is essential to reach optimal quality.  The grapes are picked by hand and carried in tubs to the cellar within the hour.  They are then sorted and destemmed before being transferred to temperature-controlled vats. Each grape variety is vinified separately. Maceration lasts between 20 and 25 days.  At the end of the winter, the wines are transferred into new 225-litre barrels where they are left for 12 to 16 months in the magnificent barrel cellar of Hospitalet, which houses some 2,000 barrels. The fine lees are periodically stirred.  The finest barrels of each grape variety are selected and blended for the production of this wine.