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Château la Sauvageonne La Villa

The estate is located at the North-ouest of Montpellier, leaning on the Causse du Larzac, between 150 and 350 meters of height, on an area of 57 ha. We find two different soils, on one hand the “ruffes”, a thin, filtering soil rich in minerals (bauxite, iron, aluminum...), and on the other hand sandstone and shale, deeper and broken, allowing the creation of a water reserve. The plots are located at the center North of Hérault. This climatic zone knows large ranges of temperatures: the distance from the sea and proximity with the Causse bring a freshness during summer nights that is beneficial to a slow, progressive ripening of the berries.




Grape Varieties

Food and wine pairing




Vinification and aging

The grapes are handpicked between sunrise and 10 am, in order to take advantage of the berries freshness. Grenache and Mourvedre come from plots of old vines on hillsides producing small berries with low yield. Vermentino and Viognier are cultivated on the schist hillsides. Grenache varietal is co-fermented with Vermentino and Viognier It’s this unique and rare blend that gives this wine its entire singularity. The full bunches of grapes are pressed directly at reception in the wine storehouses. Only the free run juice and the first press are used to elaborate this cuvée. After a cold setting, the fermentations begin in vats and will end in barrels.