Languedoc rosé wine: the nice surprise

Languedoc, a region conducive to rosé wines

A historic region of vine growing, Languedoc-Roussillon is a rich and sunny terroir that is particularly well suited to rosé wines. Indeed, benefiting from a climate hot and dry in summer, with mild winters and rainy springs, the Languedoc terroir is a land of rosé par excellence.

With their years of experience in the cultivation of rosé wine varieties such as Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah or Cinsault, Languedoc winegrowers today produce premium rosé wines, whether in traditional cultivation, culture organic or culture biodynamic.

The rosé wines of Languedoc-Roussillon represent four departments: Aude, Hérault, Gard and Pyrénées-Orientales.

The rosés produced by Gérard Bertrand are a very good example of the quality offered by Languedoc wines. This son of a winegrower, very attached to the Occitan terroir and a true pioneer in the production of high-end wines from the south of France, today produces great rosé wines with a unique character.

Discover the rosé wines of Languedoc Gérard Bertrand.

Languedoc rosé wine: pleasure and character

Very popular in France, and more and more internationally, rosé is a wine for sharing and pleasure which is savored during convivial moments, with friends or family.

Also delicious alone or accompanied, as an aperitif or with a meal, it goes perfectly with summer dishes: barbecue, picnic, salads, vegetarian dishes and Mediterranean cuisine. .. rosé is the preferred wine for outdoor festive meals.

Among the multitude of rosé wines on offer these days, the Rosé wines of Languedoc, increasingly qualitative, are a very nice surprise.

Indeed, these wines of character with complex aromas and fruity flavors, today have nothing to envy to the rosés of Provence.

This is particularly the case for the surprising Domaine de Villemajou rosé wine, a high-quality AOP Corbières wine labeled AB (organic cultivation) and

t33>Demeter (biodynamic cultivation).

Very well structured, delicate and subtle, the rosé wines of Languedoc have gained, in recent years, in quality and elegance.

These wines thus surprise with their power and balance and proudly display their terroir and their Mediterranean origins.

A quality rosé wine also offers a personality specific to its terroir, whether it is the grape variety of its vines, the composition of the soil and the climate present in its vineyard.

The best rosé wines are also pleasing to the eye Each color of a rosé wine is unique, ranging from extremely pale pink to brilliant salmon pink.

Of course, the best rosé wines come from high quality vines, the grape varieties are carefully selected and are perfectly adapted to their terroir.

Finally, the know-how of the winemaker and the oenologist makes all the difference in the production of a great rosé wine.

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