A good orange wine

Origins and characteristics of orange wine

We know red wine, white wine and rosé wine, but there is also orange wine which takes its place gradually on the best tables.

The orange wine, came to life during antiquity, a clever mix of two methods specific to white wine and red wine, it surprises with its flavours.

Orange wine gets its color from white grapes that have been macerated for a long time, keeping the skin of the grapes during the winemaking process like red wine.

Rather syrupy in appearance, it is not so, it is generally rather dry, and develops very wide palettes depending on the region: fruity, acid, floral.

Just like the best white wines, the diversity of orange wine allows it to accompany different dishes such as fish, seafood, vegetables, and so on. will go perfectly with more prestigious dishes such as foie gras.

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What is a good orange wine?

Despite the enthusiasm in recent years to put orange wine back in the spotlight, there are still few producers up to the challenge.

Alsace and the Jura also produce orange wine, however, Languedoc-Roussillon, in particular Gerard Bertrand, has embarked on a real conquest to restore it .

Several cuvées are available today, including the famous Orange gold, and the excellent Villa Soleilla.

Fruits of a long work of blending seven grape varieties, orange gold surprises with its freshness, perfectly reflecting the mineral landscapes of the South of France. The tannin remains light with a subtle acidity. On the palate it is an explosion of notes of white flowers, candied fruit and white pepper.

Finally, if you want to enjoy an extraordinary taste experience, the very good orange wine "Villa Soleilla" is essential.

Carefully harvested by hand, the blend of Vermentinon, Viognier and Roussane gives an ample and complex tasting. We find in particular notes of garrigue, thyme and honey on the nose. On the palate the aromas are spicy and fruity with apricot in particular

There is no doubt that these vintages are now essential in the cellar of connoisseurs of good orange wine and best orange wine.


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