Gérard Bertrand wines noted in the Bettane and Desseauve guide

Les vins Gérard Bertrand notés dans le guide Bettane et Desseauve

The awards and comments given to Gérard Bertrand wines by Bettane + Desseauve in their 2021 guide.

L'Aigle Royal Chardonnay, AOP Limoux, 2019, 92/100: Vanilla notes, intense wine, good length with lots of sap. A Languedoc Chardonnay in an assumed Burgundian style.

L'Aigle Royal Chardonnay, AOP Limoux, 2020, 91/100: Quite deep, nice look of a well-bred Chardonnay - We like its depth and allure . Intelligent aging gives it a certain character and style.

L'Aigle Royal Pinot Noir, IGP Haute Vallée de l'Aude, 2018, 92/100: Powerful, dense, large length. A great wine in an academic register.

L'Aigle Royal Pinot Noir, IGP Haute Vallée de l'Aude, 2019, 96/100:
A lot of character and depth, race and length in the mouth, splendid in its intensity and strength.

Clos du Temple, AOP Languedoc-Cabrières, 2019, 97/100: Length, smoothness and generosity, velvety mouthfeel, energy, tension, fresh finish, lots of aromatic persistence.

Kosmos 888, AOP Languedoc, 2019, 90/ 100: All in amplitude and in flesh, we like its fatness, its ripe fruit and its notes of spices. Generous wine.

La Forge, AOP Corbières-Boutenac, 2018, 96/100: Impressive in its aromatic personality and its length while keeping a lot of suppleness in its tannins. What a style.

Le Viala, AOP Minervois-La Livinière, 2018, 92/100: Powerful and generous Syrah, which commands admiration with its natural smoothness. Beautiful wine.

Le Viala, AOP Minervois-La Livinière, 2019, 92/100: Generous, ample and powerful Syrah on the palate. Its natural sweetness gives it a tender and comfortable character.

Château l'Hospitalet Grand Vin Rouge, AOP La Clape, 2019, 94/100: Harmonious wine, deep and sappy, with aromatic notes of bramble and an intense mineral expression.

Château l'Hospitalet Grand Vin Blanc, AOP La Clape, 2019, 96/100: Quite mineral, apricot nose of finesse and length.

Clos D'Ora, AOP Minervois-La Livinière, 2018, 98/100: The largest Clos-d'ora ever produced, with length and great racy character. The wine reaches the top in its category.

L'Hospitalitas, AOP La Clape, 2018, 96/100:Length, enormous intensity, superlative character and breed, everything is great in this wine.

Villa Soleilla, Vin de France, 2020, 94/100: Golden color, vibrant, stone fruit notes, unctuous attack without heaviness, sap and energy, great depth.

La Forge, AOP Corbières-Boutenac, 2019, 96/100: Still as sappy and slender, we find the mineral character pronounced that makes the charm of this cuvée.

L'Hospitalitas, AOP La Clape, 2019, 97/100: Intense aromatic and complex, its great depth and amplitude in the mouth give it a lot of potential. Magnificent wine with considerable energy.


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