Ballerina for Candlemas

Ballerine pour la Chandeleur

According to historians, the celebration of Candlemas or "candlelight festivals" has pagan roots in particular in an ancient fertility cult. The event was held in a cave in Rome in mid-February, at the time of the first sowing, to celebrate Saturn around the winter solstice.

According to popular belief, peasants roamed the fields carrying torches to purify the soil before sowing. It was also said that the flour of the year would be wasted if it was not used for the Candlemas pancakes. The consumption of pancakes would therefore be a tribute to the rebirth of nature, to the cycle of seasons and more precisely to the coming spring.

Many traditions related to pancakes have emerged, especially in France. One of them is to hold a louis d'or in one hand and flip a pancake by tossing it in the air from your frying pan. An elegant, unfolded fallout of the dough would bode well for household finances. Moreover, the most superstitious will keep the first crepe in a cupboard: there, it would have the gift of attracting luck.

For us, La Chandeleur is above all an opportunity to get together with the family around mum's pancakes. And what could be more appropriate than to open a bottle of Ballerina on this occasion. Its allure of finesse and its aromas of red fruits, brioches and flowers will go perfectly with your pancakes, whatever the recipe.


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