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CDR Valentines' - Why is Cote des roses THE wine of this years' Valentines' day

5 Reasons Why Cote Des Roses Is Your Valentine's Day Wine

Here are the big five reasons why Cote des roses is THE perfect wine to get for your Valentine's day date ❤️

1. More than just wine, it's a rose to show your love

Cote des roses has a unique design with a rose blossom on the bottom. So when you offer the wine, you also offer a rose!

2. This is the most iconic French wine in the US 

Made with love in the South of France, Cote des roses is the most popular French wine in the US 

3. Rosé, Red, white... declare your love in all colors

Available in Rosé, Pinot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon, Cote des roses can accommodates all tastes and all occasions

4. Best Rosé according to Cosmo!

Cote des roses has been awarded by 27 experts  "best rosé of the summer" at the Cosmopolitan Wine Awards in 2020.

5. The reviews are unanimous

Cotes they roses wines are fresh and subtle, that is why they received such good reviews from experts, magazines and more importantly, all customers! 

*91/100 Pinot Noir 2019

Get your Cote des roses wine now!

The best wine to proclaim your love
  • Made with Love in the South of France
  • Fresh and Iconic
  • Ultimate Valentine's wine