Clos d'Ora, "The Conclusion"

Clos d'Ora, "The Conclusion"

AOC Minervois La Livinière

n.f. Latin ora-ae : word, prayer, contained between the Alpha and the Omega, the symbolic beginning and end of all things. Gérard Bertrand's masterpiece, a sanctuary of Peace, Love and Harmony. 


In 1997, upon purchasing Château Laville-Bertrou, Gérard Bertrand visited the vineyards. At the bend of one stone wall, he was stricken by a sense of eternity and inner peace, that echoed in his mind like a distant call. Afterwards, for weeks, it came back to him in his dreams and took shape, always pointing to the same vineyard by the same dry stone wall. Every timeGérard Bertrand goes to that special place at Laville-Bertrou, the ultimate feeling of peaceful infinity is there.

In 2000, Gérard Bertrand isolated the Clos d'Ora estate, after he realised that this exceptional site sits precisely on a unique zone of contact; a unique geological point of convergence between limestone and marl soils. The vineyard has been farmed biodynamically since then. Syrah and Mourvèdre were planted alongside the old vines of Carignan and Grenache. At the highest point of the estate, the old sheep shed was renovated to create a cellar, adornedwith a meditation area. The fermentationroom is built to favorcosmic influences. The barrel cellar radiates a strength and serenity that are beneficial to the harmonious ageing of this wine.

September 3rd, 2014 marked the completion of 17 long years of reflection and preparation, when the first vintage of Clos d'Ora was introduced to the world. 


Clos d’Ora is a mysterious site, difficult to reach, blessed with the Mediterranean trinity of vine, olive and oak, in an unspoiled and protected natural habitat.

On those 9 hectares at 220 meters of altitude, the earth is tilled by mule, and work on the vines is guided by intuition, feeling, and a connection with nature. It represents the new paradigm that Gérard Bertrand propounds for man, nature and the world. The symbiosis that exists between the grape varieties and the terroirs in which they are planted allows the Syrah, on limestone, to constitute the backbone of Clos d’Ora, in a marriage with the enveloping power of Grenache, exalted by the marl soils, the spicy velvetiness of Mourvèdre, and the signature freshness of Carignan, planted in clay.

Love is everywhere at the Clos d'Ora, both in the place and in the wine. The location nurtures the connection between the realms of the mineral, plant, animal and human. The wine bottles the transgenerational dimension of a masterpiece and its message addressed to the world and to our successors, like a prayer echoing through space and time, suspended between the Alpha and the Omega of all things.


Unique and bordering on the sublime, Clos d’Ora is more than a wine. It is a unique experience, a moment suspended in time, where the intention of its creator, the work of man and animal, the patient chiseling of the plant against mineral, resonate together in total harmony.

These concordant vibrations addand multiply, amountingto a miracle of balance, a jewel of red and black fruit sheathed in spicy, floral notes (leather, pepper, nutmeg, violet and peony) embedded in a lush tannic structure, with a velvety texture of infinite precision and astounding freshness. A persistent, peppery generosity, prolonged by an exquisite touch of bitterness, characterizes its sumptuous finish.

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