As universal as it is ecumenical, Clos du Temple is a celebration of life, rituals and traditions.

It is the link between the terrestrial and the celestial and sets the pace of the seasons and of human labours. The Temple is also the representation of Man in the Trinity. It is a symbol that encourages us to achieve excellence and awakens senses! ​


Let’s celebrate life!

Located at the heart of Languedoc in the south of France, Clos du Temple is created in the historic terroir of Cabrières, the birthplace of rosé wines. The terroir owes its unique nature to its geological origins. Contact between schist, limestone and the hilly terrain have created a complex network of groundwater circulation that enables an exceptional natural water supply for the vineyard, and the development of an extremely pure water source.

Its altitude of 240 meters combined with its southern/southwestern exposure help to produce a perfectly balanced wine with great aromatic freshness. At Clos du Temple, we decided to cultivate our vines using biodynamic principles and to use horses and mules to strengthen the connection between the mineral, plant, animal and human worlds.