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perles de sauvignon pays d'oc

Perles De Sauvignon

The South of France and especially the area around the Mediterranean coast, is famous for its oysters and its vineyards. Perles de Sauvignon Blanc pays tribute to this region and to the pearls that can be found in the oysters. The wine is made exclusively from Sauvignon Blanc, which is an emblematic grape from the South of France and goes perfectly well with oysters and grilles fishes. The glass stopper with a blue color evokes the Mediterranean coast, the cradle of this wine. The bottle, wearing its pearl necklace, is a unique model in the world imagined by the designer Chantal Thomass, a well-known French designer.




Grape Varieties

Food and wine pairing




Vinification and aging

Sauvignon grapes ripen very early and need to be picked at a precise time, determined by tasting the fruit before harvesting, in order to obtain the full intensity that is characteristic of this grape variety. The grapes are picked during the night to preserve the freshness of the fruit. They are delicately pressed upon arrival at the winery. Around 10% of the wine is vinified in French oak barrels for approximately 5 months, while the rest is vinified in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats at a cool temperature to preserve the fullness and freshness of the flavors. After light fining, bottling takes place fairly early on to preserve the wine’s fresh fruity character