An iconic example of Gérard Bertrand's style

Representative of the wealth and diversity of the terroirs in southern France, they all feature the Wisigoth Cross.

Clos d'Ora

The Conclusion

Clos d'Ora is the fruit of a slow maturation. It was born of a spiritual journey and an irresistible desire to create an exceptional wine in this mysterious and preserved place.

"Les Parcelles"

Gérard Bertrand has created, in each domains, exceptional wines selected from the most beautiful terroirs of Languedoc.

These plots, selected for their exceptional ampelographic and climatic situation, are positioned as great wines of the South of France, the quintessence of the Languedocien terroir

Legend Vintage

Gérard Bertrand, winemaker specialist terroirs of the South of France presents a century of vintages of natural sweet wines.

Testimonials of a rich past and unique expression of three terroirs, these rare and precious bottles are an invitation to share intense emotions and moving memories.


Spiritual symbol

Kosmos is the symbol of the alliance of Gérard Bertrand and his winemakers’ spirit to blend varieties from the finest terroirs in the South of France, and the influence of the planetary forces from our solar system.


Mediterranean vineyard emblematic organic wine : elegant, solar and generous

Solensis is a tribute to the Solar system, its influence on the Earth, on Nature and more specifically on the vineyards.

Cap Insula

At the gateway to Narbonne, the Massif de la Clape was once an island known as "Insula Laci".

Surrounded by vineyards and standing on a magnificent limestone terroir overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Cap Insula is set on the tip of what used to be this island’s lagoon.

Terroirs - Grands Terroirs

Invitation to discover the vineyards nestled in the heart of the terroirs of the South of France and their diversity.

Each wine expresses the characteristic style of the terroir from which it comes. These appellations are distinguished by complex, rich and elegant wines.

Prima Nature

Prima Nature is a range of organic wines without added sulfur that offers aromas particularly pure, generous and greedy.

Each vintage expresses the character and taste of the fruit and the terroir. This wine is born from the expertise of Gérard Bertrand and his oenologists in winemaking without sulphites. This vegan range will delight consumers concerned about the respect of animals.


Wine made from grapes grown from Organic Farming.

Gérard Bertrand has acquired a perfect knowledge of the vineyards in Organic Agriculture of Languedoc. Naturalys is the result of this unique know-how offering a complete range of varietals and appellations wines. 

Réserve Spéciale

The Réserve Spéciale range offers wines made from grape varieties from the South of France.

These wines are distinguished by a very careful selection conducted directly by Gérard Bertrand. Vinification and aging have been carefully adapted to the aromatic expression of each grape variety. These wines are from organic farming.