Travel in the heart of our vineyards.

From one property to another, Gérard Bertrand wines reveal the fine terroirs of Languedoc today and tomorrow.

Clos d'Ora

The Conclusion

Clos d'Ora is the fruit of a slow maturation. It was born of a spiritual journey and an irresistible desire to create an exceptional wine in this mysterious and preserved place.

Clos du Temple


Terre, Temps, Transcendance


The Intuition

n.m. (latin cicada-ae) : estate where intuition spawns the intention, as self-evident as the song of the cicada in the summer sun.

Château l'Hospitalet

Where the Land Meets the Sea

(latin hospitalitas, -atis), the place where the lifestyle and the essence of the wines from the South of France meet.

Château la Sauvageonne

Sublime Nature

(Latin salvaticus, -a, -um from silva, -ae: forest) unspoiled, wild, natural place, untouched by Man, where Man, in turn, finds himself and honors his own true nature.

Château la Soujeole

The Fulfilment

(from the Old French term for a small stream) : where border is not a barrier, but an opportunity for limitless elevation, exchange and revelation.

Château de Villemajou

The Genesis

(lat. Villa Major : the Greater House), the cradle of the Gérard Bertrand adventure, where his quest of greatness started.

Château des Karantes

Conviviality By The Sea

(old Celtic Karants: friend): place where the wines of La Clape watch the sea and celebrate friendship. The eldest daughter of hospitality.

Domaine de l'Estagnère

A Fortress of Taste

(occitan, estanhièro – a, blacksmith, tinsmith, generally a craftsman that restores metal), where the fruits of the Earth rise from a land of rich history so the wine-maker can chisel wines that reveal Nature.

Domaine de l'Aigle

Aiming Higher

(latin aquila, - ae, eagle), estate set in high altitude, where the resulting coolness of the climate and the terroir lends the wines wings to fly.

Château Laville-Bertrou

Working A Miracle

(from the Occitan: La Villa Bertrou, from Germanic berhauthari, from berhaut - famous and hari - military: the House of the Famous Warrior): estate where Nature is prodigal with miraculous gifts but grants them only after a sustained battle.

Château Aigues-Vives

The Exception

(latin aguae vivae – arum, lively waters), place where the water springs with joy, dynamic and lively, like a sunny Syrah wine.

Château de Tarailhan

The Freshness Of La Clape

(occitan, tarail-han: hollowed ground) estate located on a drained lagoon int the shade of La Clape. A place where freshness shines through in the wines.