Organic white wine: wine in its finest expression

The return to consumption closer to nature

In recent years, we have been experiencing a massive adoption by the population towards more reasonable consumption, more respectful of the environment: consume yes, but consume better.

It is in this same logic that organic wines, but also biodynamic wines, have taken an increasingly important place in the hearts of lovers of good white wine.

In France, like all other organic products, it is the AB label that clearly identifies an organic white wine.

An wine with the AB label is thus a wine from organic farming, respecting strict specifications. Winegrowers are subject to various controls to ensure that the rules are properly applied.

Whether white, red, rosé or even orange, an organic wine must therefore come from vines that are themselves AB certified. Inputs are severely limited, while chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides are totally absent.

Buying an organic wine therefore gives you the certainty of being in the presence of committed winegrowers, taking an approach of respect for nature and the environment, but also having the objective of rediscovering the true taste of wine.

Indeed, by respecting more the plant (the grape) and the nature (fauna and flora) that surrounds it, we obtain a wine with more character, more balance, which communicates its terroir and its origins, without artifice.

This is particularly the case for the Grand Vin blanc from Château l'Hospitalet, an exceptional organic wine from a unique terroir, located on limestone soil, a few hundred meters from the Mediterranean Sea, delivering mineral and saline flavors of great finesse.

An organic (or biodynamic) wine thus brings together notions of ideology and awareness of the world around us, but also notions of simplicity, for a return to a life closer to nature.

Tasting an organic wine is all of these things!

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Organic white wine: with or without added sulphites?

Here is a question regularly asked by neophyte oenophiles: is an organic wine necessarily without added sulphites?

The answer is: no, not all the time!

Sulphites, which are simply sulfur dioxide, are present naturally in wine, in small quantities.

However, an additional addition of sulphites during the vinification phase makes the wine more resistant, preventing it from being degraded by oxygen, and l prevents it from turning into vinegar!

An organic wine necessarily contains sulphites, in small quantities. The winemaker then decides to vinify it with or without the additional addition of sulphites.

Nevertheless, in any case, a white wine with the organic AB label and with added sulphites will contain about half as much sulphites as a traditional white wine.

There are of course organic white wines without added sulphites, such as the cuvée Prima Nature, an organic white wine also with the Vegan label offering a purest tasting.

The taste of organic!

Opening a bottle of organic wine, whether white, red or rosé brings an extra dose of pleasure.

In fact, tasting the best organic white wines offers clean, fresh and frank flavours.

The absence of tannic structure in a white wine allows, unlike a red wine, to bring an additional lightness.

Like rosé, organic white wine is easy to drink, and will be an excellent choice to accompany an aperitif, to start a meal with a salad, but also to enhance a delicate dish.

The aromas and flavors of an organic wine are most often associated with the vegetal world, whether they are flower aromas (anise, bay leaf, hawthorn, violet, vanilla, etc.), or fruit flavors (white-fleshed fruits, citrus fruits, exotic fruits, etc.).

Organic white wines also offer a nice dose of indulgence. Tasting the best white wines is very often associated, to our delight, with pleasure dishes, we thus speak of candied, toasted, grilled or brioche…

A good example of an amazing organic white wine of quality and intensity is the Aigle Royal bottle from Domaine de l'Aigle, a Languedoc-Roussillon wine (AOP Limoux) labeled AB and Demeter produced from a noble grape variety, Chardonnay, grown on a plot of vines located at 500 meters above sea level.

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