Gérard Bertrand elected Green Personality of the Year* by The Drinks Business Green Awards

The Drinks Business Green Awards competition is the largest competition in the world aimed at raising awareness of green issues in the beverage industry and rewarding those who are exemplary in sustainability and environmental performance.

*Gérard Bertrand is named Green Personality of the Year.

The Drinks Business Green Awards is the biggest environmental competition on the wine planet. The jury of sustainability and beverage industry experts, chaired by Patrick Schmitt MW, aims to reward leaders committed to the environment to encourage the entire industry to follow their sustainable path. For this 11th edition, the jury awarded prizes in 11 categories and singled out the Green Personality of the Year.

Gérard Bertrand is the Green Personality of the Year. This prize rewards the person who demonstrates an exemplary commitment to the environmental cause and who acts to inspire his company and a wider public.

Gérard Bertrand also received a special mention from the jury for the category Best Organic Initiative to reward all the activities he leads to build a better world.

I am very honored to be named Green Person of the Year. For more than 30 years, I have been working and directing all the projects of our vineyards in a dynamic of sustainable and environmental performance, which I seek to perpetuate. I am convinced that viticulture in harmony with nature is the best way to produce great wines that reflect all the nuances of their terroir and that it is also the right way to show our deep consideration for nature. I aim for a positive impact and I am very aware of my responsibility as a winemaker vis-à-vis the environment and biodiversity. I am very happy with this award, which testifies to my commitment. Be the Change! » - Gérard Bertrand

Gérard Bertrand owns 16 Châteaux and estates in the South of France. He began converting his estates to biodynamics very early on in 2002 on the Domaine de Cigalus. From then on, Gérard Bertrand decided to acquire a total mastery of this cultivation method and to gradually convert his teams and all his vineyards. Today, all the Châteaux and estates are cultivated biodynamically. A rare know-how in a winemaker on such a surface. These 880 hectares divided into 16 estates, each with its particularity of soil, climate, terroir, make it possible to diversify approaches and experiences, thus increasing know-how, making Gérard Bertrand and his teams an international benchmark for biodynamics.

To go further, Gérard Bertrand has created a research and development department to deepen the search for greener methods.To share his convictions and know-how and support the momentum towards organic production in the South of France, he has developed a unit dedicated to sealing long-term partnerships over 10 years to support winegrowers in conversion to organic farming or already committed

880 Hectares of vines are
cultivated biodynamically
of which 70% are already certified


Update on partnerships in 2020:

Since 2010, 40 partnerships with wine growers in organic farming, 1,600 hectares

Since 2017, 15 partnerships to support winegrowers in the production of wines without added sulphite, 600 hectares

Since 2018, 25 partnerships with winegrowers in conversion to organic farming, 600 hectares

Since 2020, 800 hectares in partnership with winegrowers AB and Bee Friendly

These partnerships consist of providing technical, organizational and economic support for the realization of projects.

The Gérard Bertrand wine offer is unique in the world in the category, with 6 levels of certification (Conversion to organic farming, organic farming, Bee Friendly, Vegan, No added sulphite and biodynamic ). This includes Change, Otherwise, Naturae, Prima Nature, Solar6, Pollinat wines and wines from Châteaux and estates. Each wine is systematically accompanied by an educational effort that presents the viticultural approach.

6 certification levels

Change is a dynamic. New projects as part of this commitment will see the light of day in 2021.