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Hampton Water, the rosé « star »

Monday 01 April 2019

Last week, Bon Jovi and his son Jesse Bongiovi were in the US east coast to promote Hampton Water, already a big success 

“The award-winning upscale rosé created in early 2018 by Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse Bongiovi in partnership with French winemaker Gérard Bertrand" 

Hampton Water is “a blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvèdre grapes from the coastal Languedoc region of southern France, earned a 90-point rating and was the first rosé to make the Wine Spectator Top 100 list. 

Gayle King, Christie Brinkley, Chris Martin, Jamie Foxx, Sean Combs, Andy Cohen, Adam Rippon and Shaquille O’Neal are among the fans of the rosé, now sold in 22 states” 

Miley Cyrus, Dakota Fanning Toast to Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse's Rosé Hitting L.A during the launch party co hosted by many stars