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Domaine de Longchamp - Fondation Goodplanet

Monday 15 May 2017

First place in Paris to be dedicated to ecology and humanism, the GoodPlanet Foundation at Domaine de Longchamp opened its gates to the public on May 13 and 14. Domaine de Longchamps will also be an open forum for those (NGO, Solidarity economy, citizens, companies) who wish to change the world into a place of sustainability and equality, in a spirit of peaceful exchange and co-construction. The foundation has imagined this place to be accessible to all, and thus favours free activities. This model was made possible because of the many sponsors involved.

On May, 13 at 3:30, Gérard Bertrand was being interviewed by Audrey Pulvar when France’s outgoing President François Hollande paid a surprise visit.

Gérard Bertrand has been involved with the GoodPlanet Foundation, chaired by Yann Arthus-Bertrand to support a sustainable agriculture project in Languedoc Roussillon. This partnership was born from the meeting of two men who share both an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision of togetherness at the service of the planet. The goal is to work hand in hand with the AFAF (French Association for Agro-forestry) by helping them plant trees at the heart of agricultural crops, vineyards, pastures to favour biodiversity.