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August 2019


Dear festival participants,

Thank you once again for contributing to the success of the 16th edition of Jazz at l’Hospitalet. Each day and each night was vivified by talented, altruist and generous artists.  

Sharing the art of living means forging a link between wines, gastronomy, culture and music.

Melody Gardot hypnotised the audience with her sweet voice and enchanting arabesques.

Craig David transformed l’Hospitalet into a dance floor!

Ben l’Oncle Soul revealed the depth of his soul by inviting two children to the stage who called out declarations of love.

Lisa Simone is an enhanced version of her mother. Simply divine!

I will not comment on the concert that was cancelled.

It was a missed note: the 1400 people present know the truth.

I will always support musicians as they contribute to the creation and amplification of emotions.

Some are simply in better hands and are better advised than others.

So be it!

Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful summer!

Gérard Bertrand

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