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May 2019


CHANGE, the militant wine

Wednesday 29 May 2019

The preservation of biodiversity and viticultural landscapes is essential. 

Our new range Change embodies this agriculture in motion to prepare the organic farming of tomorrow and open a new paradigm. 

It is in this will that the new CAB label, in Conversion to Organic Farming, was born.

Change is a range of 3 wines, red (Merlot -Cabernet Sauvignon), white (Chardonnay - Viognier) and rosé (Grenache -Syrah), blended from two emblematic grape varieties from the South of France and the talent of Gérard Bertrand.

Find the Change range in the wines shelves of your stores.

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New : Art de Vivre

Friday 17 May 2019

Art de Vivre, a wine that pays homage to the Mediterranean arc and its long history of winemaking, in a uniquely original format.


Gérard Bertrand seeks to exalt the terroir and the viticultural history of the Languedoc- Roussillon. Art de Vivre symbolizes this perfectly in an incarnation that offers the promise of sharing the lifestyle of the South of France.

Evoking the first amphorae, Art de Vivre takes the form of a clay bottle made following the methods of handmade pottery, it is a true innovation on the shelf that does not fail to be attracted by the eye.

- Art de Vivre, AOP Clairette du Languedoc : the resurgence of Adissan Clairette, this grape variety is twice millennial.
- Art de Vivre, AOP Languedoc : the blend of emblematic red grape varieties from the South (Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre)

We launched the range the May 7th at Terminal 1 in Montpellier.