International Women's Day

Journée Internationale des droits des Femmes

The importance of women in the history of the Gérard Bertrand company

Women's Day allows us to highlight the central role that women have played in the history of the Gérard Bertrand company.

This is how Paule, Gérard Bertrand's grandmother, was at the origin of the family's first vineyard plantations, in the heart of the Corbières.

History continues to be written with women for four generations now, and today it is the turn of Emma, ​​Gérard Bertrand's daughter, to actively participate in the life of the company.

Rosé - Source of Joy - Organic & Vegan Label

This cuvée, dedicated to women, evokes the myth of the Fountain of Youth.

Ample and round on the palate, this organic rosé is perfectly balanced by its freshness.

This delicate wine is elegantly enhanced by its voluptuous bottle.


Château la Sauvageonne Grand Vin - Label Demeter

This white wine from biodynamic agriculture is particularly complex: very fragrant, rich, unctuous, with a lovely freshness.

Located on a remarkable site, at the foot of the high plateau of the Causse du Larzac, Château la Sauvageonne produces wines with a unique character.


Red - Château de Villemajou Great Wine

Family property of the Bertrand family, this estate is the link between the past, the present and the future.

With vines over 80 years old, the vineyard offers grapes of exceptional quality.

This red wine, from the best vines on the property, is unlike any other.

Powerful and elegant, endowed with a beautiful garnet color, the Grand Vin Château de Villemajou proudly expresses its terroir.



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