Cote des Roses sauvignon blanc

PGI Pays D'Oc

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Sauvignon Blanc

This Cote des Roses cuvée celebrates the Mediterranean Art of Living. The soil, very varied, is essentially made up of hard limestone from the scrubland, schistose soils but also gravel brought by the rivers and rivers of Languedoc. The warm and windy climate ("semi-arid Mediterranean climate with a mild winter variant") favors the ripening of the grapes and their good sanitary condition, while maintaining freshness thanks to the altitude and the effect of the sea, which mitigates high summer temperatures. Its bottle is unique with a rose-shaped bottom, created by a young designer from the Ecole Boulle. It is a wine that offers itself like a bouquet of Roses!

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pale golden and crystalline


notes of guava and passion fruit, while its citrus aromas bring a lot of freshness and minerality


A beautiful roundness in the mouth is provided by the terroirs of the South of France

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Appellation : PGI Pays D'Oc
Cépage : Sauvignon Blanc

Custody and Service Tips

Serve at 8-10°C as an aperitif or to accompany grilled fish or seafood


To obtain the intensity that characterizes this grape variety, Sauvignon needs to be picked at a specific time. The grapes are tasted before harvest and then picked overnight to preserve the freshness of the fruit before being delicately pressed on arrival at the cellars. For approximately 5 months, about 10% of the wine is vinified in French barrels, while the rest is put in thermo-regulated vats at low temperature to preserve the richness and freshness of the aromas. Finally, after a light fining, bottling takes place quite early in order to preserve the fresh and fruity character of the wines.