A good white wine

Characteristics and production of white wine

France is one of the main producers of white wine. In all regions where red wine is grown, so is white. Some regions have even made it their specialty, for example the famous Picpoul de Pinet du Languedoc with its recognizable large elongated bottle.

White wine is produced from many grape varieties, including the best known such as: Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Grenache Blanc. Among the grape varieties grown in Languedoc, you will also find Bourboulenc, Roussanne, Marsanne, Vermentino (Rolle) or Gewürztraminer.

Each grape variety skilfully chosen and blended creates the uniqueness of each white wine.

Generally, white wine is obtained from white-skinned grapes, which explains its particular color, among other things. It is produced with vinification

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What is a good white wine?

Some will like it fruity and syrupy, others, drier and more mineral, one thing is certain, there are as many possible combinations as there are wines.

However, it appears that some white wines stand out from the others by their qualities and their rich aromatic palettes. These good white wines often come from a biodynamic and/or organic culture, their products being purer and better structured, they reveal all the richness of the fruit in its entirety. .

In France, Languedoc offers very good white wines, seeking blends with lesser known but equally interesting grape varieties such as Viognier, Vermentino and Roussanne.

The various estates of Gérard Bertrand have extremely rich soils that are conducive to the production of good white wines.

We can mention in particular the very good white wine Château de Villemajou, which has won numerous awards for the quality of its organic and biodynamic wine (DEMETER). All roundness and expression with its aromas of dried apricot and grilled almond and a very floral expressive scent of hawthorn and broom.

As well as the famous Aigle Royal Chardonnay, from the finest plots of the Domaine de l’Aigle. The grapes are harvested by hand using environmentally friendly practices. This very good wine will delight the taste buds from the first tasting.

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