Pot of Garrigue Honey from Domaine de l'Estagnère

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Guided by the desire to enhance the unique biodiversity of our vineyards, we have chosen biodynamics as the common thread of our properties for over twenty years.

The honeys from our estates bear witness to nature preserved from our terroirs where bees, sentinels of the environment, find ideal conditions to produce exceptional honeys.

"Since the dawn of time, foraging from flower to flower, the bee has provided irreplaceable pollination which actively contributes to developing and safeguarding the biodiversity of our planet, a biodiversity essential to the survival of the human species. However, like a natural environment that continues to deteriorate, the preservation of this insect, a true sentinel of the environment, is becoming a concern today. »

Henri Clement ‶ The bee, sentinel of the environment ″

From hive to pot…

  • From January to March: Support for the growth of bee colonies and the stability of hives.
  • From 12°C (external temp.): The work of the bees begins with more than 10 round trips to the hive per day.
  • Natural dehumidification by young bees within the hives for optimal concentration of tastes and aromas.
  • Honey harvest: spring or early summer depending on the honey. Natural crystallization. Unheated honey
  • Bee travel distance: On average 2/3km around the hive. Can go up to 7km
  • Internal temperature of a hive: Between 25 and 30°C. Bees are warm-blooded insects.

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