Source Of Joy: A timeless organic rosé

Source Of Joy : Un rosé bio intemporel

Born in the south of France from a terroir once acclaimed by Louis XIV, the Sun King, this organic and vegan cuvée is distinguished by its emblem, the Source of Joy, evoking the purity and elegance of this exceptional rosé.

A pure, mineral rosé, Source of Joy takes its inspiration from the myth of the Fountain of Youth. It is an invitation to eternal youth.

Its unique terroir owes its particularity to the combination of schist and limestone soils and its underground springs which give it a natural freshness. Certified organic and vegan, this delicate cuvée is raised with the greatest respect for the environment.

Its elegant, voluptuous bottle and glass stopper enhance this exceptional rosé.


We offer you a recipe for grilled sea bass to enhance this cuvée.

Ingredients for this recipe:

- Wolves (Mediterranean Sea Bass)

Preparing the recipe:

  1. First, scale, gut and season the fish (salt, pepper, aromatic herbs).
  2. Squeeze them in a grid and place the grid on the embers of the barbecue.
  3. Avoid direct contact with flame, the skin will be crispy and not burnt.
  4. Let cook for 7 to 8 minutes on each side, the flesh will remain soft, then drizzle with garlic olive oil.
  5. You can also grill conventionally. The fish is seasoned and lightly oiled.
  6. Respect the marking at 10:10 on the fish then finish cooking in the oven on a tray. To be served with a compound butter.


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