The Forge in the Drops of God

La Forge dans les Gouttes de Dieu

Published in Japan, the 31st opus of the famous manga has La Forge, AOP Corbières-Boutenac, 2008 on the cover. We find Gérard Bertrand's iconic wine on page 43 of the book when friends meet in a house in the countryside and open a bottle of La Forge.

"Great, this wine."

"Gerard Bertrand La Forge 08!"

"A Cuvée Speciale, made by a Star Winemaker from Languedoc, South of France, in tribute to his deceased father."

Like a treasure hunt, the intrigue of Les Gouttes de Dieux pits two brothers against each other after the death of their father, the prestigious oenologist Yutaka Kanazaki. The one of the two brothers who will have solved 12 enigmas concerning 12 wines will inherit his fortune. He will then discover the 13th and ultimate wine, unknown to all, nicknamed "The drops of the Gods". Through this scenario, the reader is led on a discovery of the world of wine, also an opportunity for an educational and initiatory journey. With a screenplay by Tadashi Agi and drawings by Shu Okimoto, this saga is the first worldwide success in the wine comic category.


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