Father's Day: let's celebrate the bond that unites us!

Fête des Pères : célébrons le lien qui nous unit !
Two wines in homage to paternal transmission
To suggest a gift idea with strong symbolic significance or the wine for your family meal on a Father's Day Sunday, we are taking you today to Boutenac, in the heart of the Corbières.
It is at the Château de Villemajou that the transmission of winemaking know-how takes place, from a father to his son. Here, in the vineyard and in the cellar, Gérard Bertrand began his initiation alongside Georges Bertrand at the age of 10.
Acquired by the Bertrand family in 1973, the vines of Château de Villemajou surround the buildings and extend over gently sloping hillsides on arid soils of rolled pebbles, beaten by the winds, summer and winter, and dominating the plain.
Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre find a terroir to match. As for the carignans, they are at home! On the plot of La Forge, Georges Bertrand's favorite, their magnificent vines, knotted by time, are now centenarians.
The wines of Château de Villemajou, in the Corbières Boutenac appellation, bear within them the accomplishment of this meticulous work of transmission, each year magnified, with love and humility. La Forge cuvée is a poignant tribute from a son to his father.

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Château de Villemajou Great Red Wine 2017
The strength and aromas of Corbières reside in this wine, which has a beautiful deep garnet red colour. The palate is round and well balanced.
Good aging potential.
Ideal with grilled chops or Mediterranean dishes. Decant and serve at 17°C.
The Forge 2019
The Château's exceptional wine: a blend of magnificent Syrah and century-old Carignans selected from the plot of the same name. A palate as dark as a very ripe cherry, full-bodied, revealing aromas combining power and elegance.
High guard potential.
Great with rack of lamb or grilled beef. La Forge should be enjoyed after being decanted and served at 18°C.


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