Château de Villemajou: the need to go back to basics

Château de Villemajou : le besoin d’un retour à l’essentiel

In the Gérard Bertrand vineyards, the harvest for the 2021 vintage has just started. One of the most intense periods of the year during which the winegrowers harvest the fruit of a year of precise and attentive work. This is the moment we choose to return with you to the land of the first harvests accomplished by Gérard Bertrand when he was 10 years old, with his sister, on the family estate, the Château de Villemajou, before school starts.

Located on the terroir of Corbières-Boutenac, the Château de Villemajou vineyard is home to hundred-year-old vines of Carignan, a typically Mediterranean grape variety, giving the grapes a exceptional quality.

In this exceptional vineyard, the unique know-how of Gérard Bertrand and his teams make it possible to produce wines that are both generous, flexible and elegant.

To prolong the pleasure of summer, we offer youothus a return to basics with a selection of great wines from the best plots of the estate .

Château de Villemajou
Grand Vin Rouge 2017


Château de Villemajou
Grand Vin Blanc 2019


Domaine de Villemajou
Rosé 2020


La Forge



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