1974 a legend that never dies

1974 une légende qui ne meurt jamais

1974, a finger on the play button, the Newport 58 concert at the end of the track, a glass of Legend Vintage Rivesaltes longing to be tasted and thoughts wandering towards this year when we lost our legend. Edward Kennedy Ellington, The Duke, a brilliant jazzman who accompanied on the piano the greatest like Count Basie, Franck Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald or even John Coltrane, also led his Orchestra where he disappeared that year. At the same time, another legend comes to life in the cellars of Rivesaltes.

Carried by this melody that animated the Duke, the Legend Vintage Rivesaltes 1974 under its notes of honey, apricot and blond tobacco, hides a certain opulence, a passion that can be felt even in its nose.

In the mouth, the vintage 1974 Legend Vintage Rivesaltes let us escape like Ellington jazz with the same warmth and suave power as if brass, strings, percussion and piano were playing their symphony on our taste buds .

Let the Duke strum for our palate for a tasting of Legend Vintage Rivesaltes 1974 and pay homage to him because as the Duke said: "You have to find some way of saying it without saying it. »


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