A good red wine

Red wine, the great star of wines

The red wine, a great darling of the French, as well known as the traditional baguette, is part of the French identity and landscape.

Red wine has the particularity of being present in a large part of the territory. Each, due to its climatic location and the soil in which it is grown, brings unique flavors.

Like white wine, rosé wine, the grape varieties are extremely varied: Syrah, mourvèdre, pinot noir, merlot, grenache. Red wine, monovarietal or multivarietal, each palate finds the perfect combination.

Many amateurs and connoisseurs travel the wine routes every year to discover regions of France. Through the wine-growing landscape, the tasting of good red wines, and the associated art of living, a whole heritage is revealed.

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What is a good red wine?

The red wines of Languedoc offer a diversity and unique flavors: sweetness, finesse, power. The richness of the territories allows the production of good red wines that are increasingly popular all over the world.

If you are looking for a very good red wine, we can only recommend the famous Château l'Hospitalet, gold medal at Decanter 2020 World wine Awards.

Chosen on numerous occasions to represent the excellence of French red wine abroad, and on the tables of the greatest French connoisseurs of very good red wine.

It has an intense nose of spices and red fruits and a silky and delicate mouth.

Finally, for all connoisseurs of exceptional wines, Clos D'Ora impresses with its perfect balance.

This very good wine grown biodynamically is entirely worked with traditional methods (harvesting the grapes by hand using a horse). Maceration is carried out separately for each grape variety: Syrah, Grenache and mourvèdre.

In the mouth, the attack is captivating and the tannins melt on the palate. The extremely varied nose brings aromas of pepper, chocolate, mint and sandalwood.

Without a doubt, these cuvées are now essential in the cellar of connoisseurs of good red wine.

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