A great name in French cinema with more than eighty films to his credit is also a Languedoc winemaker, from Gruissan.
Pierre Richard discovered the Domaine de l'Evêque in 1986 and literally fell in love with this unique place, a kind of peninsula in the middle of the salt flats and the scrubland, between land and sea, not far from Gruissan that he loves so much.

Gérard Bertrand : Hello everyone, welcome this evening to Château L'Hospitalet, for the 12th live and very special live, I ask you to welcome Monsieur Pierre Richard . How are you Peter?

Pierre Richard : It's fine, why special?

Gérard Bertrand : Very special because it's the first time that we've done a live show where everyone is in the kitchen.

Pierre Richard : That's right!

Gérard Bertrand : Chef Laurent Chabert is here.

Chef Laurent Chabert : Hello everyone!

Gérard Bertrand : And Pierre Richard, when I talked to him about coming to do this live, he said to me, I want to be in the kitchen. So we got it and then, as you know he's a winemaker, at Château Bel Évêque in Gruissan, he's a neighbor so it was original so we have a few surprises for you tonight since he's going there is also music and we can say Pierre, that music is a part of your life.

Pierre Richard : Yes, for me it's La Madeleine de Proust par excellence, I heard music and I said to myself, that's such a film that 35 years ago, I was in such a place and besides I like jazz and besides my sons have become musicians.

Gérard Bertrand : I saw, bass player and?

Pierre Richard : And saxophonist, but the double bass player, suddenly caught on late, but...

Gérard Bertrand : That's Christophe?

Pierre Richard : It's Christophe, he suddenly took an interest and love for wine, I'm not talking about drinking it but to do so, and it was he who took over the job.

Gérard Bertrand : Yes, that's true. So, in fact, Pierre is an actor, he is a musician, he writes, he makes wine, what else do you do that I haven't said?

Pierre Richard : Oh but I do everything, everything, but everything badly… no, no! What else is there? But, that's not bad enough...

Gérard Bertrand : It's a lot, it's fantastic. So in fact, me Pierre, I have known him for 30 years even more because I first discovered him as a winegrower, he is in the commune of Gruissan at Château Bel Evêque, which is an extraordinary wine and it happens, Pierre, you remember that at the beginning of my career with your sister, I sold you wine and I had a very good relationship and so at the beginning you had to earn it, not to sell your wine but to sell Corbières wines and have them recognized in Paris, it was complicated.

Pierre Richard : Yes, it still is a bit.

Gérard Bertrand : It's a lot less anyway and so we take the opportunity to tell our Belgian friends and Tera, what is your friend and what is mine too

Pierre Richard : Who takes care of importing my wine into Belgium.

Gérard Bertrand : This is what matters at Vasco in Belgium, who told us: "I can't do the live show if Pierre doesn't call back" because, in In fact, I have also known them for 20 years and they told me, there is only one product that is not negotiable in our portfolio, it is Château Bel Evêque

Pierre Richard : That's nice, thank you.

Gérard Bertrand : It's beautiful! And so all that to also say that we have a mutual friend called Marc Dubernet.

Pierre Richard : My oenologist

Gérard Bertrand : Who is a wonderful man who is one of the greatest winemakers in the world and who taught you how to make wine.

Pierre Richard : You know that before buying the property as I knew I knew nothing, I'm not crazy, before buying it I I called and asked who was the best, they said Dubernet and I called him and asked him: “if I buy a property do you follow me? There was 20 seconds of silence, that's a long time, and he said YES! I said thank you, hung up and bought. If he had told me no, I wouldn't have done it.

Gérard Bertrand : So in fact he is a man who knows all the terroirs of our region very well and, above all, he seeks to value the winemaker in this sense that he leaves responsibility to the winegrowers because the soul of the wine must be the soul of the winegrower. That's it, and that's hard for an oenologist, because having the humility to leave the winemaker in the end, to guide, to decide, is quite an art.

Pierre Richard : Not at the beginning because at the beginning we didn't understand anything, in February we were looking at the pipettes and everything… ah that one is very interesting , but not at all, he is being clever but in 6 months there will be nothing left. From time to time, I say, then this one I have the impression that he says to me: "no, that's the one who must be kept" and I didn't understand a thing. It's like chess players, he's 35 moves ahead, I'm not.

Gérard Bertrand : It's true, so you smell like it smells good? I interrupt you. So, Chief, what are we doing today?

Chef Laurent Chabert : We're going to start with a small tomato-based starter, with shellfish, a little chorizo, a potato siphon with a little parsley in it and potato chips and parsley chips then we're going to go with sea bass, caught by my friend, Benjamin Besse in the Ayrolle pond, eggplant caviar with almonds, eggplant, capers, an almond emulsion . I've already started the chicken supreme.

Gérard Bertrand : He is beautiful! Is he a Cathar? Next to Carcassonne.

Chef Laurent Chabert : Next, DPO chanterelle and truffle.

Gérard Bertrand : Is it melanosporum or summer truffle?

Chef Laurent Chabert : It's the summer truffle.

Gérard Bertrand : Ah! It's summer truffle, you see the difference is that it's white, because in fact, the winter truffle is black. We're going to enjoy it Pierre.

Pierre Richard : So I said, I said hey, from today I'm going to diet...

Gérard Bertrand : But that's it, that's the case, that's the Mediterranean diet. On the other hand, we could have a drink, right? Because tonight we are going to taste only the wines of our friend Pierre Richard.So the wines are available at Château Bel Evêque, you have to go there only in the evening, because that's where he loves to receive guests, but also on the Pierre, we start with the Château Bel Evêque, which is the first one I tasted, which exists, it's a bit of a historic cuvée. It's this one, you can't miss it, it's a gold medal too, isn't it?

Pierre Richard : He got the gold medal.

Gérard Bertrand : Great, you're still a medalist since you won the Molière this year, you're doing the Grand Slam. Health!

Pierre Richard : I'm cracking up because I'm afraid of your comment. I'm nervous.

Gérard Bertrand : Cheers! We drink a shot first... You saw the temperature, it's perfect and in addition there are spicy aromas of garrigue. What's this ? Grenache, Carignan, Syrah?

Pierre Richard : It's the 4, Grenache, Carignan, Syrah and Mourvèdre.

Gérard Bertrand : I remind you that Pierre is next to the Gruissan pond and it is the best place for Mourvèdre. We have a surprise Pierre, we have musicians.

Musicians : Hello, nice to meet you, delighted.

Gérard Bertrand : How are you?

Musicians : Very very good!

Gérard Bertrand : So what do we do? The Chef is there, Pierre Richard is there! So what are we doing? A little piece of music? Let's go!

Live Music

Gérard Bertrand : Great! Well done!

Pierre Richard : Thanks you very much!

Gérard Bertrand : So you have the right to a small glass of wine, Pierre I think we can serve them.

Musicians : Thanks you so much, delicious.

Gérard Bertrand : You see, tonight it's live, it's improvisation, it's jazz and jazz is music. improvisation and with Pierre Richard I tell you we are never at the end of our surprises.

Musicians : You so welcome, we are watching you in Florida.

Gérard Bertrand : Yes I know. So, are we ready Chef for the first course? because with Pierre we are hungry.

Pierre Richard : On top of that, smells breathe, smells breathe. Oh there, are you going to explain to us before what is it?

Gérard Bertrand : So, do we take it with a spoon or not? We're under orders!

Pierre Richard : Don't be bullshit.

Chef Laurent Chabert : So I put the tomato compote, the siphon of potatoes with parsley, then the potato chips, parsley chips 'we just deep fried and I added the sunflower blossoms. And there you have to take a perfect bite with everything inside.

Gérard Bertrand : We're going to move around a bit, here we go, so bon appetit friends, so we're here watching how beautiful it is, it's magnificent.

Tasting moment…

Pierre Richard : Usually when you eat, you don't talk, it's hard to talk with your mouth open.

Gérard Bertrand : I manage to do everything at the same time.It's delicious!

Pierre Richard : Green, what is green?

Chef Laurent Chabert : Potato and parsley mixed together and then we put in a siphon, that's the siphon!

Pierre Richard : It's a finesse!

Gérard Bertrand : The difference is the crunchiness of the chorizo, do you agree Pierre? It's extraordinary ! Because at the same time, it gives character to your wine. That's what's key, because with the Bel Evêque 2017, it gives this side, this character and it's uplifting.

Pierre Richard : Even with the Mourvèdre, because it is also very spicy and obviously with the rosé, you are right.

Gérard Bertrand : In fact, you're still greedy. Gourmet, greedy?

Pierre Richard : I'm not a gourmet, I'm a gourmet. When I'm hungrier, I'm hungrier. Whereas the greedy, when he is no longer hungry, he is still hungry.

Gérard Bertrand : Is there a mold or bottom?

Chef Laurent Chabert : Shell and knives.

Gérard Bertrand : There you go!

Chef Laurent Chabert : Cockle, knife, chorizo, stewed tomato, parsley siphon, potato chips, to add some crunch too.

Gérard Bertrand : Honestly, it's amazing!

Chef Laurent Chabert : Thank you

Pierre Richard : Who taught you how to cook?

Chef Laurent Chabert : I did a professional CAP apprenticeship around the house, I am from Allier, my parents are farmers. And then I went to the Alps, Haute-Savoie, Savoie where I was second to a Michelin-starred chef, to Corsica, and I arrived here 7 years ago.

Pierre Richard : How old was he 7 years ago?

Gérard Bertrand : He was 18 years old, he didn't even have a license, no, a little more anyway. I told him, if you come from Corsica, if you spent six months in Corsica, everything is fine, you can come to Languedoc. So there, before we talk Pierre, I still had a slightly more serious question, because you have a commitment, you are green activists, we can say, and you love nature. Did the fact of having lived in Gruissan bring you something extra for your connection with nature and respect for biodiversity? Because you fight over it.

Pierre Richard : Yes, I am still fighting quite a lot, with the deforestation of the Amazon, I must say I have a wife who is Brazilian, so I have a double title, the Amazon concerns me, but it has always concerned me even before, I even wonder if it is not because of the Amazon, that I loved my woman. In any case, indeed I am dismayed, it must be said, we could talk about it for hours, I am really more than dismayed by the turn that events are taking in Brazil, the forests that are being deforested, but there is no not only in Brazil.

Gérard Bertrand : No, but above all.

Pierre Richard : But above all, well, that said, we can talk about it for hours, we're not going to spend the evening on this but to answer your question, me I was a city dweller and then suddenly I acquired a wine estate and for the first time instead of looking at the sky since they always say I have my nose in the stars.

Gérard Bertrand : You looked at the sea and the vines.

Pierre Richard : I knew the sea, but I looked at the ground the land and I was, it's true that before I couldn't see , how I have a great admiration for the vines, they are warriors, I understood one thing, the resistant and the valiant because it is necessary to find the water so they will look far and a little water for them it's vital

Gérard Bertrand : Exactly

Pierre Richard : And so I found, I understood that it was an extremely interesting plant, both strong and at the same time fragile. Secondly it's true, and we come back to ecology, I realized in 35 years, I who didn't pay attention to that, that more and more we are subjected to anarchic climates, it no longer rains when it should rain, it doesn't rain when it should rain, when it rains it rains too much, in short, and these are things that escaped me and before. When I hear Parisians in January who say it's great 30 degrees in January I said oh there there there it's horror, right now in Siberia it's 35 degrees, it's not possible . And there I became aware with the earth, that we have duties towards it.

Gérard Bertrand : Exactly, the Pachamama, as our friend Jean Cormier used to say, is a wonderful man, and therefore, in your life as a winegrower, because that all the same I don't find what I'm saying here because in fact when you taste Pierre Richard's wine, at first I remember it very well, because he also put his photo on the bottle but now , he no longer wears it because he no longer needs it and also above all because Château Bel Evêque has become a recognized brand and the wine, Pierre, I say this because I am an expert in this profession and Pierre Richard, became a real winemaker, that is to say that the land speaks to him, and so you told me at the beginning when you were listening to Dubernet, how long it took you before it spoke to you all that?

Pierre Richard : Oh, several years, sure, from two to three I started to understand some things but even last year when Dubernet told me said to me, I like having conversations with my winegrower, because if I feel that he is attached to my work, I am attached to his work, but I am more and more so because I realize precisely that it's an art that I possess, and sometimes I read reports on certain winegrowers from the west, from the east or from the northeast, it's also poetic.

Gérard Bertrand : It's beautiful, but poetry in wine is something because wine transcends, it opens the heart and allows exchange.

Pierre Richard : But maybe that's also why, in the end, sometimes people tell me, what is the relationship with cinema? I say, there is a relationship that is absolutely the same, cinema, like wine, is made to be shared and suddenly it is a vector of fraternity, of empathy with people we do not know and then the person you don't know says, oh that's right, and you also think suddenly you like the person.

Gérard Bertrand : And we find out.

Pierre Richard : And we discover it, finally cinema is the same, it is consumed, cinema is in rooms where there are 800 people who are moved together or who laugh together and well the wine is the same we need to be several, nothing worse than having a drink alone in front of the TV.

Gérard Bertrand : And with your friend Depardieu, do you taste your respective wines or not?

Pierre Richard : In the past, we even called it experience glasses, we bought beautiful glasses and made chromatic enhancements, so we started with lighter wines then we ended up with great Bordeaux

Gérard Bertrand : And then you end up with great Corbières.

Pierre Richard : And after that I mostly ended up in bed. He's the one who taught me a bit too.

Gérard Bertrand : So tell me, let's finish on that, so what did Gérard Depardieu teach you?

Pierre Richard : He taught me this philosophy because he was not yet a winegrower, oddly enough I was before him, he was still in the region. Ah yes he taught me one thing, he told me when you do a chromatic rise you start by drinking two spoons of olive oil. It's true ? Have you ever tried this?

Gérard Bertrand : I tasted several times with Gérard Depardieu and when he holds the glass, and he smells the glass, he is like that.

Pierre Richard : But because he can no longer stick his nose in.

Gérard Bertrand : He puts the glass obliquely.

Pierre Richard : But because now he has a bigger nose.

Gérard Bertrand : So one day I was drinking, I was tasting Place des Quinconces in Bordeaux and we had a great Sauternes, and so I told him, it's volatile. So he said to me: “ah yes Gérard, this wine is volatile”

Pierre Richard : He isn't!

Gérard Bertrand : So, chef, first we're going to taste now, Pierre, tell us a bit about the cardinal cuvée because that's what he cares about. heart is the top of the range of Château Bel Evêque, there are only great wines at Bel Evêque, but this one is the prestige cuvée so by us a little bit of the Cardinal.

Pierre Richard : It's Mourvèdre and Syrah.

Gérard Bertrand : Here! I'll get you a drink.

Pierre Richard : The Syrah brings me the fruitiness and the Mourvèdre brings me a little vanilla side. Especially spliced ​​too. I remember when I started buying property, I met a specialist who said to me: "Do you own a Château? » and I told him yes, because if we are Castle we are Castle. He said to me: "you do what you want but you will have precise directives whereas if you are not Castle, you do what you want"

Gérard Bertrand : You did well to remain Château. So Chief, we're hungry, so what are we going to taste here?

Chef Laurent Chabert : So we're going to taste the Wolf de Gruissan caught by Benjamin who works on the Ayrolle pond.

Pierre Richard : This is my home! He's stealing my fish.

Chef Laurent Chabert : Eggplant caviar with fines, above we have leftover eggplant with capers and an eggplant chip and a small juice of bone with passion fruit, which will bring a little pep to the juice and there I add an emulsion here with almond milk

Gérard Bertrand : You did well to come Pierre!

Pierre Richard : So I swear, yesterday I said starting tomorrow, diet.

Gérard Bertrand : So, are we going to taste it Pierre? with this Cardinal cuvée.

Moment of tasting...

Gérard Bertrand : I tell myself friends it's Friday, and from 7 to 7:30 p.m. I have the best job in the world, because in fact it's is the wine food pairing with our friends How does he cut it?

Pierre Richard : So that's amazing!

Chef Laurent Chabert : We slice it.

Pierre Richard : It looks like a language.

Gérard Bertrand : It suits you well, look how handsome it is!

Pierre Richard : I stick my tongue out it's so good.

Gérard Bertrand : So I think we're waiting for the band, won't you open the door Chief? because it is hot. A but now Julie comes back from time when we taste a little so Julie what do we do now?

Musicians : How is everything?

Gérard Bertrand : Wonderful! So, what are we doing here?

Musicians : We want to sing an original Gospel song by Miss Brooks who I met in Atlanta Georgia.

Gérard Bertrand : I love Atlanta.

Musicians : This is a beautiful song from a woman of great worth.

Gérard Bertrand : Thank you! We leave you the place

Musicians : It's called "you're going to have rain in your lives"

Gérard Bertrand : We need rain for Pierre's vines and mine.

Live Music

Gérard Bertrand : Thank you Julie, see you later.

Musicians : Yes! See you later!

Gérard Bertrand : Because I'm here tonight at Château l'Hospitalet from 8:30 p.m. to later, so if you still have time and if you feel like it said I was welcome but the places are very limited this evening, in any case, you are in good shape there, you did the rehearsal. See you later!

Musicians : Good cooking! thank you!

Gérard Bertrand : You've seen, things are going all over the place here.

Pierre Richard : What's extraordinary is that I watched, no matter how much I typed I was still out of step because all the same, the jazz, I know I was always out of step, they will say, for a guy who likes jazz, he knows nothing!

Gérard Bertrand : but it's normal that you're out of step because you have a mayor in Gruissan who was the king of out of step, Didier Codorniou you know he used to make frames and overflows so it caught up with you We couldn't catch him, he was the Maradona of Rugby.

Pierre Richard : An extraordinary eel.

Gérard Bertrand : Hello Didier, if you listen to us we greet you from the kitchens of L'Hospitalet.

Pierre Richard : We had a great time!

Gérard Bertrand : With the wolf from the Ayrolle pond, so next to Pierre Richard.

Pierre Richard : He borders my house.

Gérard Bertrand : Actually, I don't see why you're going back to Paris, because you have everything you need. Besides, I've never understood guys when they come here why they go back to Paris from time to time.

Pierre Richard : There anyway, you play in the theater.

Gérard Bertrand : There is the Théâtre de la Nature in Narbonne plage, but it is not open every day

Pierre Richard : I shouldn't rely on wine to feed me.

Gérard Bertrand : It's still great, because we're coming so I had a question about your musical tastes Pierre, because Pierre, I have it seen last year, on the piano with our friend Jeff Sénégas at the saltworks, whom we salute by the way, at the Salins de Gruissan, so you had been very very good, you do accounts you sing a little.
Pierre Richard : I was saying stuff about Jean Yanne sure I don't know...

Gérard Bertrand : But what are your musical tastes?

Pierre Richard : My musical tastes are quite broad.

Gérard Bertrand : If you quote me 2 or 3 people

Pierre Richard : Are you talking about singers? There too it's very broad, I'm going to quote Nougaro because I loved it, but I can quote you Brassens because I knew it well, I can quote you Brel, I can quote you 15.

Gérard Bertrand : What about foreign singers?

Pierre Richard : And in the foreign singers then there, we also have quite a lot, oh my god it was Frank Sinatra, my god it was Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin I'm talking about a certain era

Gérard Bertrand : You meet her and Frank Sinatra?

Pierre Richard : No, never

Gérard Bertrand : Did you see her on stage?

Pierre Richard : No more

Gérard Bertrand : You could have!

Pierre Richard : And now, I love Matthieu Chedid, for example. Matthieu Chedid, I also saw him alone at the winter circus, I said to myself he goes alone with a guitar and not at all, he had pedals everywhere.

Gérard Bertrand : I love it, you know who? James Brown, he has a voice what when he is on stage he is an animal, the voice, the physique, he is deceased now and then what impresses me the most and I say it is when he sang with Pavarotti, he was moved to tears so much because he got ready to sing with Pavarotti. And so, when they sing together it's a moment, when you mix soul with opera like that, you have to watch it, it's extraordinary!

Pierre Richard : I'll watch this!

Gérard Bertrand : Because we are still in a Food Wine & Music and so we invited who at the border a bit of all these universes on the other hand you don't haven't told us yet which dish you like to cook.

Pierre Richard : I'm very bad, while god knows I like cooking but I'm very bad, I don't have the hand to cook.

Gérard Bertrand : But do you like cooking or not?

Pierre Richard : I don't think so.

Gérard Bertrand : Who are your chefs in Paris?

Pierre Richard : L’Arpege, at Passart, the king of vegetables. And as precisely now I am more vegetables than meat. There is also fish, I also love it, at …

Gérard Bertrand : Is it Savoie?

Pierre Richard : That's it! Guy Savoy

Gérard Bertrand : My friend

Pierre Richard : Plus he's a lovely guy.

Gérard Bertrand : Absolutely, say hello to him because I know that you are opening your restaurant today, and we also say hello to all the chefs in France, because that we are with you and chef Chabert is there, I brought him the video there for two months because in fact I asked him to create a dish for each day for tonight, so he delights me but above all because we were doing live and we got a taste and that, right Chef?

Chef Laurent Chabert : Absolutely!

Gérard Bertrand : So it's good that Les Chefs are reopening and we need you because it's French specificity and we as winegrowers Pierre , we need these sublime chefs who sublimate our products, so that's very important

Pierre Richard : Because there is a complementarity between a dish and a wine, if you drink a good wine with a mediocre dish, your good wine not appreciate.

Gérard Bertrand : Exactly, and I believe that Chef Goujont is opening soon too, he's opening tonight so Chef Goujon, if you see us, if you hear us, good recovery and see you soon. Pierre, we're going to taste the Mourvèdre, tell me a bit about this wine because in fact I don't know this cuvée.

Pierre Richard : Because my thing was Syrah, so one day I asked Dubernet to make me some Syrah for me. And the following year he told me that's it I made you a thousand bottles, I said I'm not going to drink a thousand bottles.

Gérard Bertrand : That's good!

Pierre Richard : I started with Syrah because one day I was in a restaurant in Pezenas, and I tasted Mourvèdre and I am returned to Dubernet and I said, get me Mourvèdre.

Gérard Bertrand : It's you who makes Mourvèdre, Dubernet he helps you put it to music, because he knows the score, but it's you who plays the piano.

Pierre Richard : Yes, because I want to make Mourvèdre.

Gérard Bertrand : So what I'm saying is that how lucky he is Pierre, what he didn't know when he bought the property is that the best place for Mourvèdres is when they are at the water's edge because they have maritime entrances and it is a very very sensitive grape variety to maritime entrances because the mist that arrives at night especially when it there's a bit of sea wind, it allowed the leaves to pump up this humidity and nourish the plant, whereas that's not quite the case with Syrah or Grenache, so Mourvèdre is the grape variety that it must have at the water's edge, that's why our friends from Bandol have a lot of wine with Mourvèdre.

Pierre Richard : Do you like it?

Gérard Bertrand : It's my favorite, friends, because in fact I already knew the first two and I recommend this one because I think only with a poultry that we are going to have the pleasure of tasting there it is a wonderful food and wine pairing but we are going to try it anyway.

Pierre Richard : He's very clever.

Gérard Bertrand : What I like about this Pierre wine, which you can find in vineyards by the sea or on board the state, is the iodized side, so in this country an iodized side and that's very good because it goes very well with dishes that are Mediterranean dishes and we put on dishes like chicken from the Gruissan salt flora.Gruissan's salt flora is 300 meters from Pierre's and therefore a little nod to our friends from the saltworks, we salute you

Pierre Richard : Nice bar!

Gérard Bertrand : Nice bar yes, and also a restaurant where I like to walk around, and you have water that changes from blue to pink depending on rain, here it is!

Pierre Richard : You don't want to become my representative because you talk about it very well.

Gérard Bertrand : I already tried to take up this job because in fact I did the interlude

Pierre Richard : Or instead of worrying about it from here, I'll give you Europe.

Gérard Bertrand : Is that true? Well it's fine, if you give me only Europe I can go to the United States for a walk. What are you preparing for us, Chief? Because Pierre told me if there are truffles, I'm staying here.

Chef Laurent Chabert : we have the poultry from my friend Serge Verzini, the white truffle, the DPO chanterelles, the mushroom siphon, and I add the game of carcass that we slightly reduced.

Gérard Bertrand : You know that here you shouldn't feel unwell otherwise you'll end up in the juice of carcasses.

Chef Laurent Chabert : That's it! And also, of course, Gruissan fleur de sel.

Gérard Bertrand : We're going to taste the game of carcasses, no Carcassonne, put yourself in place Pierre! So already it's a landscape isn't it?

Pierre Richard : Oh yes, really, because it's also interesting when it's pretty to see.

Tasting moment…

Gérard Bertrand : I like chicken because it's not dry at all, it's farmy, it's firm.

Pierre Richard : The chanterelle is one of my favorite mushrooms.

Gérard Bertrand : Will you be back?

Pierre Richard : Tomorrow!

Gérard Bertrand : Dear friends, I don't know if you're having a good time, but I can tell you we're enjoying it.

Pierre Richard : Really!

Gérard Bertrand : The only thing Pierre lacks, he didn't play rugby but on the other hand I can tell you that I saw him often in the stands at Narbonne because at the time of Pech de Laclause, you came to the mache and I remember well because I still play in Narbonne and I saw you many times at the stadium.

Pierre Richard : You know I was very, very good friends at one time and besides, we didn't say when were we seeing each other, we said , see you tomorrow.

Gérard Bertrand : Jean Pierre we salute you

Pierre Richard : It's the same it took me a bit, and it's true that I love rugby but suddenly I'm in a rugby country .

Gérard Bertrand : I remind everyone that from July 21 to 26 if you want to see Pierre Richard, not on stage but among us we have the festival of jazz who will be there I remind you, 21 July 22 Patrick Bruel, 23 our friend Cali, 24 Kimberose, 25 Christophe Maé and 26 Jean-Baptiste Guegan.There are still a few places left, not many

Pierre Richard : 4?

Gérard Bertrand : 4 and a half, hurry up and we will be very happy to welcome you because in complete safety you can both dine for those who wish for the others to attend the concert and after our friend Dominique Rieux made a remarkable jazz cellar so it starts at 7 p.m. sharp and it ends when you're tired, so here it is, unfortunately it's time to leave us but Pierre has said he was coming back tomorrow, so maybe we'll pass on some information to you by then, in any case Pierre, thank you

Pierre Richard : I thank you

Gérard Bertrand : We don't kiss but our hearts are there, so I'll call you back or Château Bel Evêque, and in all the beautiful establishments in the region, he really makes great wines. See you soon and have a great weekend!

Chef Laurent Chabert : Bye Bye!

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