Our best bottles in a gift box

Nos meilleures bouteilles au sein d’un coffret cadeau

Grands Vins Selection: an invitation to Château life

L'Hospitalet, La Soujeole, Villemajou, La Sauvageonne... these wine chateaux are undoubtedly among the most beautiful estates in Languedoc-Roussillon.

This selection of “Grands Vins” boxes brings together prestigious cuvées exclusively from the best plots of each vineyard.

Each box is an exceptional gift, which can be opened immediately, for the end-of-year celebrations, or kept for many years.


Sauvageonne Box
AOP Languedoc

An atypical, complex and generous biodynamic wine, from a vineyard located on volcanic soil, it is unlike any other.


Soujeole box
PDO Malepère

A classic from the Gérard Bertrand estates, this tannic and fresh wine unrestrainedly reveals its hybrid influences, between Cathar terroir and oceanic climate.


Hospitalet box
AOP La Clape

Grown in biodynamics, this wine comes from a vineyard of exception on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, while culminating at an altitude of 130 meters.


Villemajou box
AOP Corbières

One of the great bottles from the south of France, this wine has unrivaled concentration and balance.



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