Epiphany in code red!

L'épiphanie en code rouge !

One party, multiple cakes...

If the Christian feast of Epiphany, the day during which we commemorate the manifestation of Jesus to the Magi, Melchior, Gaspard and Balthazar, is celebrated everywhere in France, the pastry that symbolizes and accompanies these festivities is different depending on the region.

Taste in two-thirds of France, the Galette des Rois, a puff pastry filled with frangipane, is the most common Epiphany cake.

In the southern third of France, and more particularly in Occitania, we have a culinary specialty that is called under different names depending on the region: Coque des Rois, Gateau de Limoux or even Kingdom.

This is a toric-shaped brioche flavored with orange blossom and covered with sugar and/or candied fruit.

… and different drinks!

To accompany these festive cakes, the drinks, although they are generally all sparkling, are also different depending on the region.

Cider is thus commonly served in the northern part of France, particularly in Normandy and Brittany, while sparkling wines such as champagne and crémant are favored in the rest of the territory.

In our beautiful region of Occitanie and Languedoc-Roussillon, we have a tradition of serving local alcohol, such as a natural sweet wine or a Crémant.

Our preference: Code Rouge Blanc de Blanc

As sparkling alcohols are synonymous with celebrations and sharing, at Gérard Bertrand we have produced, from our best parcels of Chardonnay vines, a refined and elegant sparkling wine: the Code Rouge Blanc de White.

Presented in a resolutely original and festive bottle, this cuvée of Crémant de Limoux, with a warm and fruity aromatic palette, has gone through a 36-month aging stage on slats, which gives it ensures great taste finesse.

For dessert, this sparkling, fresh and slightly tangy wine will delicately counterbalance the sweetness of the cake, offering a perfect marriage of flavors.

So, to celebrate the Epiphany and to accompany a Galette des Rois with frangipane or a Cake of the Kings with candied fruits, what could be better than a bottle of Code Rouge Gérard Bertrand ?


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