Orange wine by Gérard Bertrand

Vin Orange Bio Orange Gold Gérard Bertrand

Orange Gold, a wine with golden reflections

A wine of light, symbolized by its emblem: The sun and the alchemical sign of gold. This remarkable orange wine is adorned with a bottle of sunbeams that magnifies its golden reflections.

The perfect mastery of vinification and the choice of grape varieties make it an orange wine with a unique profile, remarkable finesse and subtlety. Orange Gold reflects the vibration, dynamism, minerality and freshness of the South of France. Made from organic grapes and imbued with all the nuances of their terroir, Orange Gold is certified AB.

Tasting tips

With a lovely freshness, light tannins and subtle acidity, Orange Gold goes well with many dishes. It is a wine of character, the perfect companion for aperitifs with friends and cheese platters to share. This remarkable and luminous wine also goes very well with spicy cuisine. To be served between 12 and 14°C.


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