Welcome to the new Château l'Hospitalet Wine Resort Beach & Spa

Château l'Hospitalet is preparing to reopen its doors after a few months of renovation and embellishment and is being transformed into a "Wine Resort".

Also, from Thursday, July 29, 2021 we will be able to welcome you in one of our 12 comfort rooms or our 29 suites, all equipped, which offer spaces for spacious and revisited living.

In addition, the restoration of the Château has taken up its summer quarters on Narbonne beach with the opening on July 3 of L'Hospitalet Beach where our Chef Laurent Chabert will offer you a seasonal menu full of freshness and full of sunshine.
Looking forward to seeing you there.
- Gérard Bertrand -
Nature, a showcase for the Art of Living
From an iconic wine, world famous and grown in biodynamics, housing a charming hotel, Château l'Hospitalet has been transformed into a Wine Resort.
L'Hospitalet Beach
A few minutes by car from the Wine Resort, the Hospitalet Beach unfolds on a wide beach: decoration in natural tones, wood, teak, green wall, green plants and... the spirit of the South for the atmosphere .

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