Welcoming the future… one biodynamic plot after another

Accueillir l’avenir… une parcelle après l’autre en biodynamie

If the harvest is a high point for the sixteen Gérard Bertrand vineyards and estates, this period expresses above all the result of a whole year of care and support for the plots cultivated biodynamically.

“There is no great wine without great grapes. It is the hallmark of the house. To have a great grape, you need this alchemy that takes into account the notion of terroir ", explains Gilles de Baudus, who since 2002, manages, coordinates and sets up the conversion of Gérard Bertrand domains to biodynamics, alongside the eponymous winemaker. Biodynamics, by taking into account the three essential factors of vintage, soil and human intervention, redefines the basics of viticulture: "The work of the biodynamicist is to play with homeopathic preparations at particular times to trying to give an impulse to the ecosystem that allows us to channel the life process surrounding the life of the soil, the development of the plant and the maturity of the grapes towards what seems balanced and harmonious to us. From there, we just have to accompany the living process in a different conception of the conventional system (command, direct and submit). Here, we try to magnify and accompany. We don't make wine in the cellar. »

The work is done as much in the vineyard as in the cellar

A modus operandi confirmed by Gérard Planas, Director of the Domains, who reaffirms the powerful and inseparable link between the excellence of the health status of the vineyard in 2021 and "vigilance and daily attention to accompany each vine until the harvest by surveying each plot". A natural accompaniment to stimulate the natural defenses of the vineyard against climatic aggressions, such as water shortage, or parasites. "The applications of biodynamic preparations followed one another according to the rhythm of the seasons and planetary alignments: Dung compost Maria Thun in the fall, Horn Dung in the spring and Horn Silica during the vegetal growth phases of the vine ».

Biodynamics at the service of nature

The follow-up of the living, the care and the benevolent surveillance of each plot naturally lead to the harvest season, during which the winegrowers survey their estates every day in search of the optimum ripening of the grapes, between quantity of sugar and acidity, between sugar and maturity of tannins, keeping in mind the wine they want to produce. Gilles de Baudus insists on this point: "Each vintage is unique, we are not going to try to reproduce the previous vintage. Every wine has a spirit, which takes into account both the terroir and the vintage." From one terroir to another, bunch after bunch, hand in hand to create wines of excellence.


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