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Thomas Jefferson rosé

Thomas Jefferson rosé

Limoux is the area where sparkling wine originated. In 1531, the monks of Saint Hilaire discovered the first wine with bubbles. Situated in the foothills of the Pyrenees, these vineyards benefit from the cool conditions required to make sparkling wines of quality.
This exceptional quality had even fouded an echo accross the Atlantic : The White House. Indeed, Thomas Jefferson, was Limoux’ greatest admirer, and he dicretely cultivated his love for France and for Limoux sparkling wine. Actually, wine from Limoux was was the only sparkling wine to be found in his personal cellar.

Blend : Chardonnay 70 %, Chenin 15%, Pinot Noir 15%

  • Subtil
  • Tendances
  • Code Red
  • Crémant de Limoux
  • Rosé
  • Chardonnay
  • Chenin
  • Pinot noir



Perfect served as an aperitif at 10°C, accompanying delicately smoked fish, both savoury and sweet or spicy dishes, or even with red fruit desserts.


Crémant Thomas Jefferson Rosé boasts a beautiful, salmon-pink robe with glimmering reflections. Delicate bubbles and an extraordinary vivacity on the palate, with a rich, indulgent texture. A complex bouquet with long-lasting aromas of red fruit (strawberry and raspberry), backed with hints of toasted bread.


The Grapes are harvested when their acid-sugar balance reach their best. The fruit is tranferred to the winery and immediately pressed in a pneumatic pressing machine. In addition to reinforce the perception of freshness and balance, the dosage is very precise.
The Pinot Noir grapes are not macerated, in order to preserve their colour. The must is transefrred to the vats for alcoholic fermentation using the same process used for still wine. After malolactic fermentation in the vats, the wine is blended together and then transferred to the barrels to mature for 8 months.

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