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Cote des Roses Red

Cote des Roses Red

Côte des Roses celebrates the Mediterranean lifestyle. The Languedoc appellation stretches along the Mediterranean coast from the Spanish border as far as the city of Nîmes, along the foothills of the Montagne Noire and the Cévennes. The soils are highly varied, mainly with hard limestone and schist, but also gravel transported by the rivers of the Languedoc region.


The warm, windy climate (“semi-arid Mediterranean climate with mild winters”) helps the grapes to ripen in good, healthy condition, while retaining all their fresher qualities thanks to the altitude and the influence of the sea which eases the scorching summer heat. The bottle is original with its base in the shape of a rose, created by a young designer from the Ecole Boulle. A wine to be given in the same way you would offer a bunch of roses!

  • Tendances
  • Côte des roses
  • Languedoc
  • Rouge
  • Syrah
  • Grenache
  • Mourvedre



This Languedoc is ideal at 16°C with tapas, meat and roasted vegetables.


The colour is a brilliant ruby red and the bouquet reveals lovely intense red-fruit scents, in particular strawberries, set off nicely by spicy hints.

The tannins are fine and silky on the palate and the wine is generous and fleshy, very fruity and with a strong mineral accent.

vinification and maturing

The various grape varieties are harvested separately when each of them is just at the right ripeness level, with Syrah generally the first to be ready. The winemaking process is managed to respect the specific characteristics of the grape varieties and the qualities of the soil. The grapes are harvested by machine with a built-in sorting system.

The grapes are thoroughly de-stemmed and then macerated for about 3 weeks. The extraction work (pumping over, running off, cap punching) is carefully adapted to each vat to achieve effective extraction of the varietal flavours and a dense, silky structure.

After light fining and bottling, the wine is stored for several months before going on sale.

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