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Art de Vivre

In this Art de Vivre wine, Gérard Bertrand, driven by his passion for the Mediterranean lifestyle and the great wines from the South of France, highlights the elegant, fruity and generous character of the region’s finest terroirs.


The orchid is the symbol of the nature park where Gérard Bertrand’s cellars are located and stands for the natural elegance of the Art de Vivre wines. Discover a wide range of premium varietals which stand out by their fresh, plump and fruity style. Perfect for social occasions and parties.

The Art de Vivre Appellations range is a selection of wines from some of the most beautiful terroirs in Languedoc-Roussillon. It offers a complete introduction to the diversity of the wines of this area and of their respective characteristics. With each of the wines, the blending and maturation have been planned with the distinctive characteristics of each of the appellations foremost in mind.

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