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September 07 2018

Wine & Food Pairing: Banyuls

Wines of Banyuls are wines fir pleasure. Natural sweet wines, they perfectly pair with desserts.

Made from both Grenaches Gris and Black, our Banyuls reveals aromas of rip red and black berries. In mouth, it is ample and balanced, with aromas of blackcurrant and blackberries. We choose to zge a part of the blanding in stainless steel tanks, to keep the crisp of the fruit and a part in oak barrels, to bring subtle oaky notes.

It will perfelcty pair with the Alsatian pastry the “Forêt Noire”. Made up of whipped cream, cherries with kirsch, cacao sponge and shavings of black chocolate, the Forêt Noire is a rich and complex dessert. It is thus necessary to favour an ample wine with a beautiful aromatic obstinacy. The aromas of ripe fruits will soften the bitterness of the dark chocolate.

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